Tools for Android (Page 20)

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

Yandex.Keyboard 20.12.3 English

The Yandex keyboard for Android

Whicons 20.12.31 English
Whicons 20.12.31

Thousands of white icons for your Android

Photobook 2.46.0 English
Photobook 2.46.0

Print your photos and personalized gifts from your smartphone

1Tap Cleaner 3.89 English

Optimize your device's performance

Picta Photo Print 8.6.2 English

The Walgreens photo printing app

Photobox 51 English

Print your favorite photos from your smartphone

KinScreen 6.0.3 English
KinScreen 6.0.3

App to configure the behavior of the screen of your mobile

Patternator 3.0.2 English

Create wallpapers and backgrounds using patterns

CamToPlan 3.3.4 English
CamToPlan 3.3.4

App for measuring surfaces and height using augmented reality

Tapet 6.25 English
Tapet 6.25

Sophisticated wallpaper generator app

DS File 4.13.1 English
DS File 4.13.1

Local and NAS file manager

Fireflies Lockscreen 68 English

Screensaver for Android lock screen

Bubble Level 8.0.3 English

A digital level in your pocket

Text Scanner 7.1.6 English

Convert your text images to digital format

Smart Lens 4.1.2 English
Smart Lens 4.1.2

Transform your images from text to scanned text

Text Fairy 5.1.3 English
Text Fairy 5.1.3

Text recognition scanner

AnySoftKeyboard 1.10.1794 English
AnySoftKeyboard 1.10.1794

Customizable and versatile keyboards for your Android

Genius Scan 5.2.14 English
Genius Scan 5.2.14

Scanner for converting images and documents to PDF

ScanLife 8.3.5 English
ScanLife 8.3.5

Scan barcodes for information

FBR v-1.17 English
FBR v-1.17

Fortnite wallpapers for customizing your Android

Hide Apps 1.3.04 English
Hide Apps 1.3.04

Clone apps from your Android in a parallel and secret space

Clean RAM Memory 1.6.82 English

Get the most out of your Android

RAM Cleanup 8.06 English

Clean up your Android's RAM without complicating your life

iMediaShare 1.0.10 English
iMediaShare 1.0.10

Play your multimedia content wherever you want

Twilight 11.8 English
Twilight 11.8

Regulate screen brightness according to the time

iMore Keyboard 2.5.4 English

Customize your smartphone's keyboard

LagTV FPS Optimizer 3.4 English

Maximise the potential of your Android

Samsung KMS Agent 1.0.40-46 English

Samsung's App to support NFC-based services

Remote Link 1.2m.4.150730 English
Remote Link 1.2m.4.150730

Control your PC with your Android

Moto English

Get the most out of your Motorola phone

Mopria Print Service 2.11.8 English

Print out your files from your Anrdoid

Alarm Clock Xtreme 6.13.0 English

Turn your Android into a useful alarm clock

Google Pixel Buds 1.0.354813492 English
Google Pixel Buds 1.0.354813492

Configure and improve the performance of your Pixel Buds

VideoMoji 1.0.1 English
VideoMoji 1.0.1

Create fun avatar videos with your own facial expressions

Tiny Apps 1.101adt English
Tiny Apps 1.101adt

Add small floating apps to your main screen

E-Robot 1.47.4 English
E-Robot 1.47.4

Automate repetitive tasks on your Android

Automagic 1.37.0 English
Automagic 1.37.0

Automate tasks on your Android

Overlays 7.4.6 English
Overlays 7.4.6

Create floating buttons on your Android

Droid Automation 4.1 English

Simplify repetitive tasks on your Android

Swiftly Switch 3.3.5 English

Use your Android with only one hand