Tools for Android (Page 20)

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

Google Pinyin Input English
Google Pinyin Input

Google's keyboard to write Chinese characters

Scanbot English

Scan documents and convert them to PDF

Pip-Tec 3.1.4 English
Pip-Tec 3.1.4

Turn your phone into Fallout's Pip-Boy

Bluetooth File Transfer 5.58 English

Send and receive files via Bluetooth

b2gdroid 41.0a1 English
b2gdroid 41.0a1

Turn Android into Firefox OS

AIDA64 1.64 English
AIDA64 1.64

Get to know your Android in depth

Humble Bundle 2.2.8 English

Innovative formula to get the games you like

Vitamins 2.4 English

Tips and guides for your Samsung

Next Lock Screen 3.11.5 English

Microsoft's lock screen for Android

APUS Notification 3.3.2 English

Notifier for missed calls, messages and emails

AT&T Mobile Transfer 3.7.1 English

Copy contacts and other data from one phone to another

Remote Control for TV 4.0 English

Control your TV from your phone

National Geographic Muzei 2.03 English

Nature and landscapes on your smartphone

Muzei HD Landscapes 2.0.2 English

The best landscape photos on your smartphone

Pushbullet 18.2.33 English
Pushbullet 18.2.33

Share files with other devices and send notifications to your PC

Battery 3.3.1 English
Battery 3.3.1

Detailed energy level indicator

Air Swiper 3.0.3 English
Air Swiper 3.0.3

Control your Android without touching the screen

Moonshine 3.2.8 English
Moonshine 3.2.8

Try out the new designs of Google's icons

Gauge Battery Widget 5.3.0 English

Analog widget that indicates our phone's battery level

500 Firepaper 2.80 English

Wallpapers from 500px

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper 0.6.11 English

A different wallpaper for each desktop screen

Quick Launch 2.1.3 English

One of the best lock screens

Minimalist Wallpapers 3.2 English

The most minimalistic wallpapers for your Android

MiLocker 2.1.0 English
MiLocker 2.1.0

MIUI-style lock screen

SlideLock 2.5 English

Receive notifications on your lock screen

Photowall 1.1 English

See photos on the TV with Chromecast

TypeSmart 2.6.1 English
TypeSmart 2.6.1

A keyboard that learns from your writing

Wiser 1.5.63 English
Wiser 1.5.63

Make your Android more simple

Influx 0.1.2 English
Influx 0.1.2

Icon pack that pays special attention to details

Muzei 3.2.0 English
Muzei 3.2.0

Turn your Android into a museum

Quickr 1.6 English
Quickr 1.6

Carry out your most usual actions in less than a second

Fleksy 10.2.5 English
Fleksy 10.2.5

Predictive keyboard suitable for visually impaired people

Magus 1.12 English
Magus 1.12

Use your phone with 3D gestures

Timely 1.3.1 English
Timely 1.3.1

The best alarm clock for Android

AllCast English

Play your phone's videos and photos on your TV

Energy Saver 1.1 English

The key aspects to save energy

Cover 0.1.13 English
Cover 0.1.13

Automatic configuration of lock screens

My Good Morning 4.9 English

Wake up in a good mood

Themer 1.93 English
Themer 1.93

Customize your Android very easily

AntTek Explorer 5.6 English

The most complete file explorer