Tools for Android (Page 5)

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

Samsung Device Care English

The Samsung app for taking care of Samsung devices

APK Inspector 4.6 English

Analyze the data of your installed apps and extract their APK

Files by Google 1.0.302918309 English
Files by Google 1.0.302918309

Google's new file manager for Android

X Icon Changer 1.1.4 English

Customize your Android icons with this tool

Siine Shortcut Keyboard 2.05.04 English

A keyboard with customizable options and shortcuts

Yandex.Store 2.44 English

Yandex's Android app store

PC Remote 7.1.1 English
PC Remote 7.1.1

Turn your phone into a remote control for your PC

MultiApp 1.7.3 English
MultiApp 1.7.3

Clone Android applications

Dollify 1.1.7 English
Dollify 1.1.7

Create your avatar and dollify yourself

WHAFF 445 English

Make money by discovering applications

Espier Launcher 3.6.2 English

Imitate the aspect of an iPhone

Hovering Controls 1.8.04 English

Control your Android without touching the screen

DeskDock 1.2.1 English
DeskDock 1.2.1

Use your computer mouse on your Android

Launcher iOS 13 3.6.5 English

Make your Android look like an iPhone

Apps Clube 1.19.321 English
Apps Clube 1.19.321

An alternative to Google Play Store for downloading apps

Parallel Space Lite 4.0.8948 English

Clone applications and manage multiple accounts on your cellphone

Menu Button 4.0 English

Buttons for quick access to a function menu

CetusPlay English

Remote control app compatible with several different devices

ME Launcher 2.0.2 English

Customize your Android with this launcher's themes and wallpapers

HiFont 7.7.7 English
HiFont 7.7.7

Change your Android's text fonts

Bling Launcher 1.4.1 English

App launcher with custom themes and wallpapers

Anzhi Market 6.6.4 English

Alternative to the Google Play Store

Galaxy Apps English
Galaxy Apps

Samsung's store for exclusive products and apps

MiMoji 1.0.0 English
MiMoji 1.0.0

Emojis with facial recognition

CPU Tuner 3.4.2 English
CPU Tuner 3.4.2

The most complete battery manager

Device Control Root English
Device Control Root

Control all the paramters of your Android

Greenify 4.7.5 English
Greenify 4.7.5

Improve the performance of your Android

Google App English
Google App

Android app for Google's search engine

PlayStation Mobile 1.7.0 English

The online PlayStation store

Microsoft SwiftKey English

Keyboard to improve your productivity when typing on Android

Fast RAM Cleaner 17.0 English

App for optimizing phone perfomance

Color Phone Launcher 1.8 English

Edit and customize your Android call screen

PP Assistant 6.1.13 English
PP Assistant 6.1.13

Discover applications that aren't on Google Play

Web Video Caster 5.0.5 English

Play multimedia files in your smartphone using other devices

Samsung My Files English
Samsung My Files

Samsung Galaxy's file explorer

iLauncher 4.1.0 English
iLauncher 4.1.0

Give your Android the aspect of an iPhone

Carrier Services 40.0.313290616 English
Carrier Services 40.0.313290616

The app that allows your device to make the most of the network

iScanner: PDF Scanner App Free 1.6 English

Scanner for Android smartphones and tablets

DiskDigger 1.0-2019-11-10 English
DiskDigger 1.0-2019-11-10

App to recover photos deleted from Android

Root Checker 6.4.8 English

Check if your Android has been rooted