Tools for Android (Page 6)

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

Firefox OS Developer Preview 2.5 English
Firefox OS Developer Preview 2.5

Mozilla's official launcher that emulates Firefox OS

CCleaner 4.22.0 English
CCleaner 4.22.0

Android version of the most famous cleaner

Dumpster 2.33.353.913053 English
Dumpster 2.33.353.913053

Recycling bin for Android

Safe Cleaner Plus 1.3.16 English

Improve the performance of your Android with this cleaning tool

Yandex Launcher 2.3.5 English

Russian application launcher with lots of options

Mi Drop 1.28.17 English
Mi Drop 1.28.17

Xiaomi's tool to transfer files between devices

Color Flash Launcher 1.2.8 English

Customize your incoming call screen

Screen Mirror 1.0.12 English

Mirroring app for developers

MTK Engineering Mode 1.2 English

Access the secret menu of your MTK handset

Minions Emoji 3.6 English

Share stickers based on the Minions

Launcher 8 3.5.9 English
Launcher 8 3.5.9

Convert Android into Windows Phone

Handy Scanner 2.1 English

Your free Android hand-held scanner

Android Booster English
Android Booster

Improve the performance of your Android

Speaker Cleaner 1.9 English

Make sure your speakers are clean

Universal Remote Control 2.0.1 English

Turn your Android into a TV remote control

Fonts 3.0.2 English
Fonts 3.0.2

Mixed-source keyboards for all your apps

Lit Photo Compress & Resize English

Reduce the size of your photos so they take less space on your Android

Anymoji 1.1.1 English
Anymoji 1.1.1

Record videos with expressive emoticons

Sidebar Lite 4.4.0 English

Quicker access to the apps you use most

Fulldive VR English
Fulldive VR

Navigation platform for virtual reality environments

iNoty 11.0 English
iNoty 11.0

Customize your Android notifications

Emoji Maker English
Emoji Maker

Create your own emojis and stickers

Super Battery 1.7.6 English

Extend the life of your phone's battery

LMT Launcher 3.1 English

A launcher that redefines our relation with our Android

Zapya 5.9 English
Zapya 5.9

Offline file transfers

Omni Swipe 2.47 English

Customize and simplify the access to your apps

APUS Launcher 3.10.13 English
APUS Launcher 3.10.13

Customize your Android with this app launcher

Android TV Remote Control English

The remote control of your Android TV

AndroZip File Manager 4.7.4 English

Compress, decompress and manage your files and folders

App Hider 2.5.1 English
App Hider 2.5.1

Hide and clone apps on your Android

Dual Apps 2.5.1_0e7b818aa English
Dual Apps 2.5.1_0e7b818aa

Clone apps and run them in parallel spaces

Servicely 8.1.1 English
Servicely 8.1.1

Application that will help you to save battery

Root Uninstaller 8.5 English

Uninstall any application from your Android

Stylish Text 2.3.7 English

Write texts with creative font designs

OnHax 1.2 English
OnHax 1.2

Browse the On Hax web and forums

Samsung Device Maintenance English

Take care of maintaining your Galaxy

Beacon Flashlight-Multi LED 1.53.1 English

Flashlight for Android

Redraw Keyboard 2.3.4 English

Hundreds of emojis and a translator built in to your Android keyboard

ROM Manager English
ROM Manager

Manage your rooted smartphone

Bluetooth File Transfer 5.58 English

Send and receive files via Bluetooth