Tools for Android (Page 8)

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

Beacon Flashlight-Multi LED 1.53.1 English

Flashlight for Android

2Face English

Create copies of your installed apps

Omni Swipe 2.47 English

Customize and simplify the access to your apps

SPB Shell 3D 1.6.4 English

3D interface for Android devices

XOS Launcher 7.0.11 English
XOS Launcher 7.0.11

Nice customizable launcher for Android

Undeleter 4.92 English
Undeleter 4.92

Recover files deleted from your smartphone

MultiApp 1.7.3 English
MultiApp 1.7.3

Clone Android applications

Bling Launcher 1.4.1 English

App launcher with custom themes and wallpapers

S Launcher 4.4 English

The Samsung Galaxy S7 launcher

Redraw Keyboard 2.3.4 English

Hundreds of emojis and a translator built in to your Android keyboard

Hola Launcher 3.2.5 English

Optimize your Android and customize it to your taste with one of the best launchers

Zero Launcher 3.75 English

Small, fast and attractive launcher for Android

DO Cleaner English
DO Cleaner

Clean up and keep your Anroid device in shape

Castify 11.651 English
Castify 11.651

Play Android media files on your TV

USB OTG Checker 1.6.9g English

Check USB OTG compatibility

File Manager (File transfer) 2.7.8 English

App to improve the file management functions of Android

Adobe Scan 21.01.06 English
Adobe Scan 21.01.06

Document scanner and PDF format converter

iScanner: PDF Scanner App Free 3.35.1 English

Scanner for Android smartphones and tablets

APK Downloader English
APK Downloader

App to download APKs

Chromecast built-in 1.44.194651 English
Chromecast built-in 1.44.194651

Send contents from your Android to your TV

Launcher 7 English
Launcher 7

Change the aspect of Android for that of Windows Phone 7

B1 Archiver 1.0.0132 English
B1 Archiver 1.0.0132

Tool to compress and decompress files on your Android

AirScreen 1.9.7 English
AirScreen 1.9.7

To stream and share videos on the same network

Bemoji 3.4.0 English
Bemoji 3.4.0

Application to create an avatar of yourself

iNoty 11.0 English
iNoty 11.0

Customize your Android notifications

MiXplorer 6.44.0 English
MiXplorer 6.44.0

Efficient file explorer

WHAFF 445 English

Make money by discovering applications

Google Now Launcher 1.4.large English

Access search functions from your home screen

GO Keyboard 3.60 English

Keyboard that improves writing on Android

AppMgr III (App 2 SD, Hide and Freeze apps) 5.13 English

Free space by moving apps from the internal memory to an SD card

Root App Delete 7.3.0 English

Efficient application uninstaller for Android

Pika! 1.1.2 English
Pika! 1.1.2

Customize the loading screen of your Android

LetsView 1.0.9 English
LetsView 1.0.9

Play your mobile screen on other devices

App Flame 3.0.5 English
App Flame 3.0.5

Earn money playing free games

Chinese App Detector 1.1.1 English

How many Chinese apps do you have installed on your Android?

Universal Remote Control 2.0.1 English

Turn your Android into a TV remote control

Cx File Explorer 1.5.1 English

Comprehensive file browser for Android

Fast RAM Cleaner 32.0 English

App for optimizing phone perfomance

Edge Screen 2.4.3 English

Optimize the use of your Android with customized quick access menus

DeskDock 1.2.1 English
DeskDock 1.2.1

Use your computer mouse on your Android