Tools for Android (Page 8)

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

Yandex Launcher 2.3.8 English

Russian application launcher with lots of options

Device Control Root English
Device Control Root

Control all the paramters of your Android

Clean Master Lite 3.1.6 English

The lightest version of the popular optimizer

New apps Market 1.0.0 English

Discover new apps that aren't promoted on Google Play

Dumpster 3.5.382.38f89 English
Dumpster 3.5.382.38f89

Recycling bin for Android

Microsoft SwiftKey English

Keyboard to improve your productivity when typing on Android

Simple Photo Widget 1.5.9 English

Turn your images into widgets

RS File Manager English

Excellent file manager for Android

Web Video Caster 5.0.5 English

Play multimedia files in your smartphone using other devices

Flash Keyboard 1.0.20217.1017 English
Flash Keyboard 1.0.20217.1017

Fast and customizable keyboard

Hovering Controls 1.8.04 English

Control your Android without touching the screen

Launcher 7 English
Launcher 7

Change the aspect of Android for that of Windows Phone 7

Total Commander 3.0 English

One of the best file managers around

App Hider 2.7.1 English
App Hider 2.7.1

Hide and clone apps on your Android

ZipSigner 3.4 English

Application for signing ZIP, APK and JAR files on Android

Recycle Bin 2.5 English

A trash can app like the Windows application

Sogou Input 10.15.1 English
Sogou Input 10.15.1

Sogou Keyboard, a Chinese Keyboard for Android

Stylish Text 2.3.7 English

Write texts with creative font designs

Z Launcher 1.3.8 English
Z Launcher 1.3.8

Nokia's application launcher

Nova Launcher 6.2.18 English

Customize your Android with one of the best application launchers

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.70 English

The Linux command console for Android

Root App Delete 7.3.0 English

Efficient application uninstaller for Android

KeepClean 2.4.8 English
KeepClean 2.4.8

Clean up residual files on your Android

Safe Cleaner Plus 1.4.22 English

Improve the performance of your Android with this cleaning tool

Lawnchair Launcher English
Lawnchair Launcher

Pixel Launcher for all Android devices

Google Go 3.12.322800061 English
Google Go 3.12.322800061

Customize your phone with Google's searches

Hi Emoji Keyboard 2.0.7 English

Over 4,000 emojis for your Android keyboard

CM Locker 4.9.6 English
CM Locker 4.9.6

Lock your Android's screen and locate it in the case of theft or loss

360 Security - Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner English

Improve the performance of your Android and protect it against malware

Screen Lock: Time Password 1.3.6 English

Block access to your mobile or to applications and files

SHARE Go 2.37 English
SHARE Go 2.37

Share your files with other devices

DeskDock 1.2.1 English
DeskDock 1.2.1

Use your computer mouse on your Android

Samsung Device Care English

The Samsung app for taking care of Samsung devices

MAX Cleaner 1.7.2 English

Clean your Android and improve its performance

APKUpdater 1.5.11 English
APKUpdater 1.5.11

Find updated versions for your apps

Samsung Experience Service English

Connect to Samsung's online servics

Galaxy 1.0.3 English
Galaxy 1.0.3

A great alternative to Google Play

File Manager (File transfer) 2.7.8 English

App to improve the file management functions of Android

Grammarly Keyboard English

Correct your grammar mistakes with this keyboard

iZip 9.1 English
iZip 9.1

Compress and decompress files on Android