TV apps for Android (Page 13)

Discover the best apps to watch online TV, enjoy your favorite movies and series, including anime and content for kids, and follow any sport live on your phone

Philo 4.1.39-9939 English
Philo 4.1.39-9939

Enjoy the best American television

SBS 2.110.0 English
SBS 2.110.0

Korean channel group makes the jump to mobile

Animal Planet Go 2.17.0 English

The channel for animal documentaries hits smartphones

History 3.3.6 English
History 3.3.6

All the history channel content on your smartphone

Watch OWN 2.16.9 English
Watch OWN 2.16.9

The app for the Oprah Winfrey on-demand video platform

Hungama Play 3.0.2 English

The best Bollywood movies and gossip in your pocket

Comedy Central 81.104.0 English
Comedy Central 81.104.0

Enjoy the famous comedy channel on your Android

Popcornflix Kids 4.92.1 English

Movies and shows for family audiences

Fawesome 1.8 English

Free online movie app

Spectrum TV English
Spectrum TV

Take your channels and your on demand TV with you at all times

RCTV 3.8.53 English
RCTV 3.8.53

The app of Radio Caracas Television

ChuChu TV 2.6 English

Video and song application for children

Flixster 10.2 English
Flixster 10.2

Schedule, trailers, and movie reviews app

Lifetime 3.3.8 English
Lifetime 3.3.8

The TV channel's content now on your Android

Old Movies 1.14.12 English
Old Movies 1.14.12

App for watching classic movies that are in the public domain

ALTBalaji 2.4.2 English
ALTBalaji 2.4.2

Indian service for online movies and TV shows

Hobi 2.1.7 English
Hobi 2.1.7

App to follow your favorite TV series

Victers 6.0 English
Victers 6.0

Online TV with educational content

Kamuy 4.0.2 English
Kamuy 4.0.2

Keep track of your manga and anime

CuriosityStream English

Multimedia platform specialized in interesting documentaries

TBN 5.900.1 English
TBN 5.900.1

The app of the evangelical Christian channel

Nicke85 1.2.3 English
Nicke85 1.2.3

Dozens of eastern European channels on your Kodi

Apex 0.0.10 English
Apex 0.0.10

Enjoy movies, series, and documentaries

Wolf Pack 8.0 English

Kodi add-on with series, movies, audiobooks and cartoons

Leviathan 2.3 English

Enjoy the best series and movies using Kodi

Locutus 3.2 English
Locutus 3.2

Kodi add-on for watching movies and series for free

Kratos Reborn 1.0.1 English

Documentaries, movies and TV series for free with Kodi

METV 1.1.5 English
METV 1.1.5

Enjoy free movies and series with Kodi

Borg 2.1.1 English
Borg 2.1.1

Movies and TV series for Kodi

Kingdom 1.2.4 English
Kingdom 1.2.4

Access exclusive movies and series with Kodi

Uranus English

Movies and TV series on your Android

Grease Lightning Reborn 9999.275 English
Grease Lightning Reborn 9999.275

A Kodi add-on to enjoy the best series and movies

Laplaza 1.0.19 English
Laplaza 1.0.19

Add-on to enjoy online movies, series, radio, and television

Alvin 0.1.3 English
Alvin 0.1.3

Kodi add-on with hundreds of free movies and series

Nole Cinema 3.0 English

Kodi addon for watching movies

Player 5.1.5 English
Player 5.1.5

Polish platform for television, movies, and series

Fractured English

A Kodi add-on for watching movies, series and live TV

Destiny of Deathstar 7.3 English

Access movies, series and more with this Kodi add-on

UFC 11.13.0 English
UFC 11.13.0

Enjoy the best fights from the UFC

Gears TV 2.2 English

IPTV television service with access to different services