TV apps for Android (Page 5)

Discover the best apps to watch online TV, enjoy your favorite movies and series, including anime and content for kids, and follow any sport live on your phone

WeTV English

App to watch Asian series and movies on Android

AnimeVibe 5.4.0 English
AnimeVibe 5.4.0

The best anime, now on your Android

UKTV 5.13 English
UKTV 5.13

British radio and TV on your Android

HBO Max English

Streaming and on-demand TV service with more content than HBO

XCIPTV Player 5.0.1 English

A multi-media content provider using IPTV

bilibili 3.1.0 English
bilibili 3.1.0

As much anime as you can imagine, in Chinese

Morph TV 1.78 English
Morph TV 1.78

Online movies and series that you can also download for free

Sybla TV 1.0.11 English
Sybla TV 1.0.11

Free TV on your Android

Legend TV 2.3 English

Enjoy the best Pakistani TV series

StarTimes ON 5.29 English

Series, films, television, and sports for Africa

Gears TV 2.2 English

IPTV television service with access to different services

Airy TV 2.11.8 English
Airy TV 2.11.8

Enjoy free access television content

XX1 Lite 2.1.2 English
XX1 Lite 2.1.2

Free online movies via streaming

JKAnime 1.6.0 English
JKAnime 1.6.0

Thousands of online anime series

Movcy 1.0.0 English
Movcy 1.0.0

Movies, music, and TV shows all totally free

VUDU 7.4.5.r002.161377490 English
VUDU 7.4.5.r002.161377490

Pay for the series or movies you want to watch

HDMV Movies 1.3 English

App for enjoying top movies for free

IPTV Lite 4.3 English

IPTV app for watching live TV using channel playlists

Bibhu TV Live 8.0 English

App with over a hundred television channels

MOTV 1.1.1 English
MOTV 1.1.1

Films and series totally free

Movie Play Red 1.0.6 English

As many free TV series and movies as you want on your Android

Morphix TV 2.1.2 English
Morphix TV 2.1.2

Free movies to play on Android

Gato Tv 3.0 English
Gato Tv 3.0

Live TV, series, and movies in the same app

Anime Channel 4.36.46 English
Anime Channel 4.36.46

Complete anime series and movies

Night Owl 8.4 English

Free movies and series for Android

Watchdl 1.8.0 English
Watchdl 1.8.0

The best TV series and movies for free

GSE SMART IPTV 7.4 English

Tune into the TV from your Android

TioAnime 3.0.2 English
TioAnime 3.0.2

Enjoy the best anime on your Android

Wakanim 5.5.2 English
Wakanim 5.5.2

Enjoy the best of Japanese anime in mobile format

Vidman 1.0.4 English
Vidman 1.0.4

The best movies come to your Android

Sportowa TV 1.9.3 English

Watch all sports on Kodi

Nonu 2.0 English
Nonu 2.0

Indian movies for free

TV 3L PC 6.0.2 English
TV 3L PC 6.0.2

TV without limits

MyAnimeList 0.11.8 English
MyAnimeList 0.11.8

Check all the information about your favorite animes

iFilms 1.1.2 English
iFilms 1.1.2

Series and films in Urdu

Morpheus TV 1.83 English

Movies and series for free on your Android

Torrent Stream Controller 1.6.35 English

Tune into TV channels on your Android

Apollo TV 1.4.7 English
Apollo TV 1.4.7

Movies and series online via streaming

Nickelodeon Play 2.9.0 English

Play with your favorite Nickelodeon characters

StbEmu English

Platform to configure and watch your IPTV