Video Applications for Android (Page 5)

Play, edit or convert any recording to different file formats thanks to these video applications that you can now download to your Android device

FvdTube 1.9.3 English
FvdTube 1.9.3

Download videos and songs from YouTube and Instagram, amongst other sites

Lomotif 2.8.8 English
Lomotif 2.8.8

Create short videos for social networks and chat apps

Swift Downloader 1.1.5 English

Download videos and music from the Internet

Ustream 3.2.2 English
Ustream 3.2.2

Play live events and broadcast them on your own channel

GetThemAll 2.73 English

File download manager with support for videos

VideoShow 9.3.4 English
VideoShow 9.3.4

The best video editor on Android

Any Video Converter 1.2 English

Convert the format of your videos

KMPlayer 31.04.081 English
KMPlayer 31.04.081

A player compatible with any video format

Spy Camera OS 0.6.0 English

Record video discreetly

videogram 3.0 English

Create interactive video summaries

Video Converter Android English

Make your videos compatible with Android from the OS itself

Viddit 1.04 English
Viddit 1.04

Share videos from the Reddit app and download to your phone

Panda Video Compressor 1.1.27 English

Video compressor for Android

GPlayer 1.9.9 English
GPlayer 1.9.9

Watch videos while still using your Android for other things

Configurator for Kodi 18.8 English

Configure Kodi with just one click

WebTube 1.2 English
WebTube 1.2

Browse YouTube with an alternative client

VLC Streamer Free 2.47 (3533) English
VLC Streamer Free 2.47 (3533)

Stream videos from your computer to your Android

AndroVid English

Edit your videos with this simple software

Rec. 1.8.6 English
Rec. 1.8.6

Record on video whatever happens on your Android's screen

Super Screen Recorder 4.3.5 English

Record your Android screen and stream the video live

Tube Floating 3.3.0 English

Enjoy YouTube from a floating window

CEMC 16.1-3 English
CEMC 16.1-3

Community Edition Media Center for Android

Video Player 2.6.0 English

A versatile application for playing videos on Android

Vinkle 3.6.0 English
Vinkle 3.6.0

Create eye-catching videos for social networks

SPMC - Semper Media Center 16.7-04 English

A Kodi fork for Android

Cute CUT 1.8.8 English
Cute CUT 1.8.8

Video editor that allows us to draw on movies

MaxTube 1.0 English
MaxTube 1.0

App that brings together different Indian YouTube channels

My Downloader 1.2 English

Download videos from YouTube and other online video sites

Total Video Converter 3.0f English

Give your videos the format of your choice

Mizuu 3.0.2 English
Mizuu 3.0.2

Appealing multimedia center for Android

Canon Movie Converter English

Convert MOV to MP4

AfreecaTV 6.0.2 English
AfreecaTV 6.0.2

Streaming video app with a wide range of contentsStreaming video app with a wide range of contents

TPlayer 4.5b English
TPlayer 4.5b

Simple but advanced video player

Vizmato 2.3.4 English
Vizmato 2.3.4

Complete video editor for smartphones

RecMe Screen Recorder 2.7.2 English

Record your Android screen and audio

TurboTube 1.01.09 English
TurboTube 1.01.09

A tool to improve YouTube video viewing

SX Video Player 1.15 English

Video player for Android with multiple options

YesPlayer 1.2.3 English
YesPlayer 1.2.3

An app to play videos

Save video from Facebook 2.1 English

Download videos from Facebook with this app

FVD - Free Video Downloader 4.5.3 English

Download videos from the Internet