Video Applications for Android (Page 6)

Play, edit or convert any recording to different file formats thanks to these video applications that you can now download to your Android device

WeVideo 6.14.074 English
WeVideo 6.14.074

Simple cloud video editor

A8 Video Player English

One of the best video players for Android

Slow Motion Video FX 1.4.8 English

Your videos in slow motion

ShotCut 1.4.0 English
ShotCut 1.4.0

Simple video editor with dozens of effects

Emby 3.1.91 English
Emby 3.1.91

All your video, audio, and image files always at your fingertips

SAX Video Player 1.15 English

More than dispensable video player for Android

DJI GO 4 4.3.37 English
DJI GO 4 4.3.37

App to record videos with DJI drones

IsoTube 1.0.4 English
IsoTube 1.0.4

Download YouTube video or MP3 content

Samsung Video Library English

Video manager for Samsung phones

niconico 5.14.2 English
niconico 5.14.2

Japanese online video platform

Zoomerang English

Record videos with a wide range of filters and effects

Youku 9.15.5 English
Youku 9.15.5

The Chinese YouTube

AVD Download Video 5.1.3 English

Android application to download videos from the Internet for free

VidTrim 2.6.1 English
VidTrim 2.6.1

Versatile video editing application

EYS Video Generation Service 1.2.0 English

Download Elf Yourself videos

MontagePro 3.7.4 English
MontagePro 3.7.4

Video editor for creating short videos

Easy Subtitles 2.3.1 English

Create, edit and sync subtitles for your videos

GMT Subtitles 3.2.0 English

Auto-search subtitles for TV shows and movies

SpeechWay 0.5.44 English
SpeechWay 0.5.44

The teleprompter you were searching for

BroChill 0.1.16 English
BroChill 0.1.16

Templates for creating great looking photos and videos

Vimeo Create 1.12.10 English
Vimeo Create 1.12.10

The Vimeo editor for creating content for social networks

vTube 3.0.0 English
vTube 3.0.0

Platform that offers selected videos

TikMate English

App to download videos from TikTok

Osm Video Player 2.5 English

Video app for customizing playback

Vochi 2.1.15 English
Vochi 2.1.15

Create the coolest videos with this powerful video editor

LightMV 1.4.21 English
LightMV 1.4.21

Video editor with templates for creating presentations

ActionDirector 6.6.1 English

Create and edit your videos easily with this powerful editor

BSPlayer 1.33.199 English
BSPlayer 1.33.199

The Android version of the multimedia player

StreamCloud Streaming Download 4.3.0 English

Play and download videos from loads of online services

YouWeTube 2.7 English

App to download videos from YouTube

MP3 Video Converter 1.9.57 English

Convert your videos to audio

Watch Later 3.0.14 English
Watch Later 3.0.14

Download YouTube videos in a matter of seconds

Video Collage Maker 24.9 English

Gather images in a video

Download All Videos 1.1.9 English

Download any video from the Internet

RealTimes English

A new way to view your photo and video collection

Magisto English

Automatic intelligent edition for your videos

Story Bit 1.1.13 English
Story Bit 1.1.13

Create stories to share on your social networks

Get Subtitles 10.0 English

Get subtitles for your videos in a matter of seconds

Selvi 1.1 English
Selvi 1.1

A teleprompter for your smartphone

BIGVU 2.4.0 English
BIGVU 2.4.0

Your pocket TV studio