Video Applications for Android (Page 8)

Play, edit or convert any recording to different file formats thanks to these video applications that you can now download to your Android device

Video Dieter 2 2.2.13 English

Reduce the size of your videos with your Android

Video Speed 2.1.14 English
Video Speed 2.1.14

Fast motion and slow motion effect for your videos

Reverse Movie FX English

Reverse video reproduction and create funny effects

Efectum 2.0.45 English
Efectum 2.0.45

Video editor with tons of cool effects

MoShow English

Create videos with your photos on your smartphone

HypeUp 1.5.3 English
HypeUp 1.5.3

Create fun personalized videos using your selfies

1 Second Everyday 3.6.12 English

Create a video that summarizes your year with a second from each day

Biugo 4.17.42 English
Biugo 4.17.42

Simple video editor with lots of effects

Animated Stories 1.30.8 English

Video editor for making photo clips

Lightricks Boosted English

Video editor with templates for social networks

Story Cutter 3.7.0 English

Cut your videos for Instagram stories

ReverX 1.1.25 English
ReverX 1.1.25

Edit your videos and play them back

Videoshop English

Easily edit your videos with lots of tools and options

Minimize Player 3.8 English

Floating YouTube video player

Magi+ 1.6.4 English
Magi+ 1.6.4

Great video editor to add incredible special effects

Music Vibe 1.1 English

Download music in MP3 format and take it with you

DOUPAI 1.3.0 English
DOUPAI 1.3.0

App for making short videos that boasts a range of templates

FlixPlayer 2.3.7 English
FlixPlayer 2.3.7

Easy to use video and audio palyer

Mood Music v3 English

Download and listen to music whenever you want

Riv Screen Recorder 2.1.3 English

Record the screen of your Android device

Motion Stills 2.0.190280670 English
Motion Stills 2.0.190280670

The app to capture short videos and transform them into cinemagraphs

Movie Maker - Best Video Studio 1.7 English

Become a movie director

iVMS-4500 4.7.7 English
iVMS-4500 4.7.7

Security at your reach

Instagrab 1.2 English

App to download videos and photos from Instagram

Artisto 1.11.3 English
Artisto 1.11.3

Turn your videos into works or art

MediaClip 1.9.14 English
MediaClip 1.9.14

Download videos to your Android

LiPP 4.7.2 English
LiPP 4.7.2

Dub videos with your voice

Minute 1.0 English
Minute 1.0

10 daily videos adapted to your tastes

Microsoft Hyperlapse 1.7.2016.03020 English
Microsoft Hyperlapse 1.7.2016.03020

Create time-lapses of the videos recorded with your phone

KidsTube 1.0.6 English
KidsTube 1.0.6

A safe YouTube for kids

Happy Kids TUBE 2.0 English

Help for kids and teenagers

KIDOZ TV 2.3.4 English
KIDOZ TV 2.3.4

Great collection of videos suitable for your kids

5by 3.6.5 English
5by 3.6.5

The place to make your videos social

Zoe 3.20.769555 English
Zoe 3.20.769555

Create and share great video mixes

LINE SnapMovie 2.2.5 English

LINE's short videos app

HomeTube 1.0.0 English
HomeTube 1.0.0

Restrict inappropriate YouTube contents

Slow Motion Editor 3.2 English

Play your videos in slow or fast motion

MultiClip 1.1 English

Download videos, images and PDFs in Android

PAUL 2.4 English
PAUL 2.4

Discover the suggestions that this app has prepared for you

EasyTube 3.0 English

Download and watch YouTube videos offline