Wifi Apps for Android

Thanks to these WiFi applications for Android you can find out the passwords of your wireless network and audit its security from your smartphone or tablet

Router Keygen 4.0.2 English

Find out the WiFi password of wireless networks

WiFiKill 2.3.2 English
WiFiKill 2.3.2

Control the web traffic of the devices connected to your network

The WiFi Hacker 1.7 English

Pretend to hack Wi-Fi networks on Android

AndroDumpper 3.11 English

App to audit the security of WiFi networks

WIFI WPS WPA Tester 3.9.2 English

Discover nearby WiFi networks and audit their security

Reaver 1.30 English
Reaver 1.30

App to audit WiFi networks

WIBR+ 1.5.5 English
WIBR+ 1.5.5

Access WiFi network through brute force attacks

Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.3 English
Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.3

Application to crack Wi-Fi keys

zANTI 3.18 English
zANTI 3.18

Application to check your network's security

Password WiFi 4.0.2 English

Recover your WiFi password if you forget it

Mac2WepKey HHG5XX 15 English
Mac2WepKey HHG5XX 15

Discover how to audit Wi-Fi from Android

WPS Connect 1.3.6 English

Connect to your WiFi without a password

WPSApp 1.6.28 English
WPSApp 1.6.28

App to audit the security of your WiFi network

Bcmon 2.9.14 English
Bcmon 2.9.14

Hack WiFi networks and monitor their traffic

WiFi Master Key 4.5.99 English

Share WiFi with everyone

WiFi Map 4.1.6 English
WiFi Map 4.1.6

Complete map of Wi-Fi hotspots

NetCut 3.5.4 English
NetCut 1.6.8

Detect intruders on your WiFi networks

Free WiFi 3.2.170440 English
Free WiFi 3.2.170440

Find free WiFi networks

ReveLA WIFI 1.4.1 English

Reveal Wi-Fi passwords

FaceNiff 2.4 English

Borrow the passwords of users on a WiFi network

dSploit 1.0.31b English
dSploit 1.0.31b

Monitor and control your WiFi network

WiFi Manager 4.3.0-228 English
WiFi Manager 4.3.0-228

Wi-Fi network manager for Android

Swift WiFi English
Swift WiFi

Manage WiFi networks

Virgin Media WiFi 8.3.1 English

Find free Wi-Fi access points all over the world

WiFox 26.0 English
WiFox 26.0

Connect to the WiFi of any airport

Instabridge 14.5.2 English
Instabridge 14.5.2

Application to find public WiFi networks in your city

Fing 5.1.0 English
Fing 8.1.5

App to analyze WiFi networks

Wifi Connecter Library 2.0.3 English

Audit your network's security

WiFi Finder 1.1.3 English

Find free WiFi

WLANAudit 3.1 English

Detect Wi-Fi networks within your reach and generate the default keys

Shark for Root 1.0.2 English

Tool to intercept WiFi traffic

WiFi Key Recovery 0.0.8 English

App to recover your WiFi keys

Waple 1.3.2 English
Waple 1.3.2

Connect tu a Wifi network whenever you can

DroidSheep 15 English

Control the traffic on devices connected to a WiFi

YellWifi 0.8.314 English
YellWifi 0.8.314

Find free Wi-Fi networks

WiFi Direct + 7.0.23 English

Connect two devices via WiFi

OpenSignal 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test 5.54.1 English

Find free WiFi networks and check their speed

WifiMapper 1.6.2 English
WifiMapper 1.6.2

Find free WiFi networks all over the world

WiFi Prioritizer 2.0.8 English

Establish the connection order of your favorite networks

Network Utilities 1.17 English

All the info about your Internet connection in a single app