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  • What is Zepeto and what's it for?
    You may have heard about Zepeto, but do you really know what Zepeto is and what it is for? It is characterized by being an application specialized in the creation and personalization of avatars. It has numerous functions for editing these virtual avatars.
  • How to use Zepeto and how it works
    Zepeto is an application that is available for Android mobiles and iOS devices. It has a large number of users, who use the app every day. How to use Zepeto usually varies for each user, so we will show you the essential steps of its use.
  • How to update Zepeto
    Just like any other Android app, keeping Zepeto updated is essential for its proper working and our phone. To update it, the first step is finding out if there is a new version available. There are a couple of different ways to check the version installed on your device.
  • How to customize your avatar in Zepeto
    Once you have created your Zepeto avatar, the next step is to customize it and create your identity so that it stands out from the rest of Zepetos. For this, you have all kinds of accessories available, such as all types of clothing, footwear, hairstyles, furniture, and more. Let us show you the steps to follow to customize it with your own style.
  • How to create an avatar in Zepeto
    The process of creating an avatar on Zepeto is very intuitive. All you have to do is select one of the three options it offers, and you will be able to customize it with the identity you want. One of the most attractive possibilities of Zepeto is to create an avatar. You can customize it to your liking, creating your identity through a multitude of objects, fashionable clothing, makeup, hairstyles, gestures, face shapes, hair, and more. Of course, some of them will cost you virtual coins. If you want to get the most out of the application, keep reading this tutorial.
  • What is Adobe Flash Player and what is it for
    Adobe Flash Player is a virtual machine that runs SWF files. In its beginnings, this technology was developed by Macromedia, however, nowadays, this software is distributed by Adobe. Flash Player is a totally free multi-platform software. Since it has no cost for the user, the use of Flash on the Internet became very popular, becoming an almost indispensable tool for surfing the web. Adobe Flash Player was available, at its peak, for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, Symbian OS, Android, and Pocket PC.
  • How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome
    Adobe Flash is a technology in disuse. If we have the latest version of Google Chrome, all those elements developed in Flash included in a website will be blocked by default. It is important not to overlook that such blocking has been imposed for years to provide greater security and avoid the known vulnerabilities of SWF files.
  • How to open eMule's ports on your router
    Before using eMule, one of the mandatory tasks you must perform is to open the ports used by this application in your router. However, note that the steps to follow may vary depending on the brand and model of your device. However, these guidelines will show you how to successfully complete the process in your case. It is also important that you know beforehand the ports that eMule is using. To do so, click on Options.
  • How to configure eMule to download faster
    eMule requires specific initial settings to help you download faster. The first setting has to do with the firewall included in Windows, also known as Windows Firewall. EMule must be part of the exceptions of this security feature. Therefore, tap the Windows key and type in Firewall. Then, choose the Firewall & network protection option.
  • What is GameGuardian and what’s it for
    GameGuardian is a tool that lets you modify a large list of video games. As a result, it is possible to get some advantages that facilitate the progress during a game or even let us beat an opponent. This application is really efficient, and by using internal modifications, it gets its main purpose: eliminate a video game's difficulty.
  • Opinions about GameGuardian: pros and cons
    We asked all our editorial staff about their opinion about GameGuardian, so that you can learn the advantages and disadvantages they find in using it on Android devices.
  • Is GameGuardian safe?
    Yes, GameGuardian is a completely safe application. It has support from a large community of users and developers on the Internet and none of them have warned that it contains malicious code. Therefore, your installation does not involve the risk of infection of our phone. However, its use may involve certain risks.
  • What games is GameGuardian compatible with
    According to the official GameGuardian community, these are some of the games compatible with this popular tool.
  • How to use GameGuardian and how it works
    GameGuardian is a tool that lets you modify certain values within a video game. This tool, available for Android, has an unkempt interface and can be a bit chaotic. However, it is very effective and fulfills its main purpose. Below, we tell you all about how it works. Before starting, remember that to get the most out of it, it is recommended that you grant superuser permissions. Once this is done, open the application and tap on Start to begin.
  • How to install and uninstall GameGuardian
    Installing GameGuardian does not differ in any way from any other application. However, you must take into account that, as it is an application designed to modify games, and in many cases, avoid internal purchases of applications, it is not in Google Play. Therefore, you should get the installation file in APK format.
  • How to update GameGuardian
    From Malavida, we work hard to always offer the latest version of the applications. Keeping your software up to date not only lets you enjoy the latest news and features introduced by its developers. It is also the way to avoid errors and failures improving, as a consequence, the security of your device.
  • How to hide Android root with Magisk Manager
    Although getting superuser privileges on an Android device grants you new levels of options, the truth is that this process presents some inconveniences. One of the biggest problems with a rooted device is that many important applications stop working. For example, you may no longer be able to access your bank's official app, or you may not be able to play popular games such as Pokémon Go.
  • Is Magisk Manager safe?
    Magisk Manager is a totally safe application Today, this is the most popular rooting service and is recommended by the developer community over and over again. Of course, downloading and installing it does not put the integrity of our phone or operating system at risk. However, we must make some clarifications.
  • How to update Magisk Manager
    Having always the latest version of an application is vital to keep our device safe from possible attacks. Also, it lets us test the latest developments as well as get rid of annoying bugs that the developers have corrected. Magisk Manager is not in Google Play, so it does not have automatic updates from the official Android application store. However, having the latest version of this tool is easy.
  • What is Magisk Manager and what's it for?
    Magisk Manager is a root or superuser permission manager. The purpose of this application is to grant these privileges to those applications that request it, and in this way, let them access files that are usually restricted. However, one of the strengths of Magisk Manager is its additional functions.
  • How to use Magisk Manager and how it works
    Starting to use Magisk Manager is very simple. The first step is to install the application using an APK file. It is not possible to find this tool in the official application store, Google Play. However, you can safely download and install the latest version using the link at the end of this guide.
  • How to install Magisk Manager (and uninstall)
    Magisk is a popular superuser permission manager with several additional features. This makes it a powerful tool to get the most out of your phone.
  • How to root with Magisk Manager
    Magisk Manager is not capable by itself to grant us root privileges. This process is different for each device and must be done before the installation of Magisk Manager. Although it is closely related to the rooting world, this application fulfills other functions. Magisk Manager is a tool that acts as a manager of superuser permissions.
  • How to edit a photo already uploaded to Instagram
    Instagram lets its users edit certain fields in a photo after it has been uploaded. Specifically, after posting an image, you can modify the comment and the location. You can also tag other users in the picture. Unfortunately, the service prevents any content modification. Therefore, you cannot change filters or other settings, such as brightness or contrast. In that case, you have no choice but to delete the image and upload it again.
  • How to fix camera errors in Instagram
    Instagram can capture images and videos without the need to leave the application. If you are having problems with this function, here are some tips to improve its operation or solve it definitively.
  • How to download Instagram videos from your mobile device
    First, there is no official way to download videos from Instagram. However, some tricks will help you save videos, stories, and live broadcasts from your own cell phone. Let us show you how to do it in this article.
  • How to share Instagram stories only with your close friends
    In late 2018, Instagram added an extremely useful feature for its users: the best friends list. Thanks to it, it is possible to send the content of our stories only to those accounts that we consider reliable or that belong to people in our closest circle. Now, what steps do we need to take to start sharing our stories with our best friends? In this article, we will explain it to you step by step.
  • How to know if you've been added to a close friends list on Instagram
    The Instagram close friends list is a way to send content, specifically our stories, to a particular group of people. Unfortunately, there is no specific option to know who is on the list of another user. Therefore, it is impossible to know whether or not we are part of the VIP list of another person.
  • How to add users to your close friends list on Instagram
    Instagram has long had a list of close friends to help us share our content with a small, targeted group of people. Thus, when we create a story, we can quickly and easily share it only with those closest to us or with whom we have a deeper relationship. Here, we explain in detail how to create and add new accounts to your best friend list.
  • How to send voice messages with Instagram
    In the beginning, Instagram was just a place to upload your pictures. However, this social network has evolved so much that it now even has a complete instant messaging system. Like similar applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, Instagram also lets you send voice notes to other users. If you are tired of writing and want to communicate through spoken messages and do not know how to do it, you have come to the right place. We show you the whole process step by step.
  • How to view which apps con access your Instagram
    Around the official Instagram application, there is a whole ecosystem of complementary applications that can help you optimize your post, analyze your content statistics, and automate tasks. To perform these functions, they all need access to our account. To do so, you will be asked to log in with your Instagram credentials.
  • How to get your Instagram account verified
    Verified accounts from Instagram help us distinguish which accounts actually represent a person or brand and which do not. These users are given a blue badge indicating that their real identity has been verified. This is especially useful for popular or public interest profiles that may be victims of impersonation.
  • How to unblock someone on Instagram
    The blocking applied to another Instagram user is fully reversible. This means that, at any time, we can lift the restrictions by unblocking that account. Not sure how to allow another user to access your content again? No problem! In the following article, we will explain to you how to do it step by step.
  • How to create collections on Instagram
    Instagram is no longer a simple photo-sharing application. It has become, over the years, an immense library of content of all kinds. For example, we can find spectacular recipes, tips to improve our physique, outdoor activities, incredible places, and much more. This social network holds so much information that it can be overwhelming.
  • How to answer Questions on Instagram Stories with a video
    Surely you spend more and more time watching the stories that other users post. This function has become a fundamental part of Instagram and enjoys increasing popularity. Also, developers have been adding features to help content creators get the most out of their creativity.
  • How to mute the Instagram Stories of a contact
    Stories are undeniably one of the strengths of Instagram. There is no doubt that every day, more users make use of them to upload content or to interact with their audience. It is likely that, after starting your journey within this social network, you are already following a large number of accounts. Because of this, the number of outstanding stories may be so great that you may not be able to view them all.
  • How to know who has unfollowed you on Instagram
    Are you losing followers and want to know who they are? Instagram notifies you every time someone starts following your account. However, it does not do the same for those who stop following you. Therefore, we can say that there is no official method to check which accounts are no longer interested in our profile. However, if this issue is too important for you, we offer some alternatives.
  • How to use WhatsApp Web: tricks and advantages from mobile and desktop
    WhatsApp Web is an online version of WhatsApp that works on any browser. It offers some additional features and possibilities to its users, in this guide, you will find out exactly which ones they are and how to use them.
  • How to turn off the activity status in Instagram
    Direct messaging is one of the most important features of Instagram, also in the Android version. Thanks to it, you can not only contact your friends and family, but also popular brands and profiles. Through the messages, you can participate in contests, send stories, or even voice notes. In Instagram's messaging system, you can view the activity status of other users, but they can also view yours. It shows if you are online or when you last connected.
  • How to sync Instagram and Facebook Messenger
    The photographic social network par excellence, Instagram, has a complete messaging system. Thanks to it, we can send, in addition to text messages, audio notes, images, and even stories. Facebook plans to unify all its messaging services into one, running Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp on the same platform. Since such an update has yet come, we can link Instagram and Facebook to centralize the reception of messages. Read on to find out how you can do this.
  • How to remove followers from Instagram
    Although the most common thing on Instagram is to get a huge list of followers, the truth is that many users use this social network to share their memories with their contacts, family, and friends. Whether you have marked your profile as private or not, you can remove followers from your account to stop them from seeing your posts. In this article, we show you, step by step, how to do it.
  • How to promote your business on Instagram
    Instagram is part of the giant conglomerate of Facebook services. The company of Mark Zuckerberg has a business model based on advertising. Its platform stands out for its ability to segment ads so that they reach only those accounts that are potentially suitable. This is made possible by capturing and analyzing user data. On the other hand, the Facebook ad network is affordable and lets you reach a large number of people for a small fee. If your business needs to start an advertising campaign on Instagram, this article explains how you can do it.
  • How to turn on the incognito mode in Instagram
    All your Instagram activity is recorded. On the one hand, this serves to improve the content recommendations, further customize the ads, and improve the application's performance. All this information is stored and processed by Instagram and consequently by Facebook.
  • How to change the background in Instagram Stories when answering questions
    Instagram Stories is one of the most interesting sections that have been added to the platform in recent years. This feature stands out for its versatility and an increasing number of available functions. One of its highlights is the ability to add questions, and thus, get answers from the community. Responses received can be shared in new stories, significantly increasing the interaction between accounts. Do you want to know how to add custom backgrounds when posting those answers? Let us tell you about it.
  • How to link Instagram to Facebook
    Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, just two years after its launch. The company of Mark Zuckerberg rightly foresaw the potential of what, at the time, was a simple social photography network. From that moment on, both services have not stopped improving their integration and converging. Currently, it is even possible to link an Instagram account with a Facebook account. Here is how you can easily do it yourself.
  • How to use two Instagram accounts at once on the same phone
    The official Instagram application lets you log in to multiple accounts simultaneously. Why might this option be useful? Many users have different accounts for specific purposes. For example, perhaps you manage your company or business account at the same time as you have a personal user. Below, we explain how you can log in to multiple accounts and how to switch between them.
  • Which are the best Instagram filters
    Filters are the core of Instagram. When it was just a photographic social network, users used these predefined settings, known as filters, to modify the appearance of their photos. Most of these settings give a retro look to our pictures and make them visually attractive.
  • How long do Instagram Stories last?
    If you had to award one of Instagram's features the honor of being the most popular, what would it be? Undoubtedly, it would be its stories. This content stands out for being dynamic, far from the static content of other posts, and for being close to the audience. However, if anything defines Instagram's stories, it is the fact that they are ephemeral. Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a story to disappear? Let us reveal it to you in this article.
  • How to know who has seen your Instagram Stories
    Becoming an expert on Instagram stories is up to you. With more and more functions, this format has become a fundamental part of the social network of photography par excellence. One of the best ways to know if you are doing well in this field is to know your real audience. How can you check which accounts are displaying your stories? In this guide, we give you the answer and tell you, step by step, how to discover who has viewed your stories.
  • What are Instagram Stories and what are they for?
    Instagram stories are one of the many content formats that the social network lets you post. Instagram Stories is probably the most popular feature of the service and is part of the range of tools that let you reach your audience. It is interesting to note that they have their origin in Snapchat, a popular application of ephemeral messages. After the failed purchase attempt by Facebook, the company of Mark Zuckerberg copied the concept and integrated it into its social photography network under the name of Instagram Stories.