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  • How to uninstall Google Play Services
    Google Play Services cannot be uninstalled directly like a normal app. There is only one way to uninstall Google Play Services and you need to access the internal system folders to locate the folder related to this app and delete it. For this, you will need to meet some prerequisites and use ADB on a computer, or directly being a root user and use third-party apps developed specifically to remove Google Play Services.
  • How to install Google Play Services
    In most cases, Google Play Services is preinstalled on your phone, so you don't have to do anything. Anyway, if for whatever reason it is not on your mobile, all you need to do is follow this guide.
  • How to update Google Play Services
    There are two options to update Google Play Services: you can enter the Play Store or access our website.
  • How to speed up Google Chrome on your PC
    You can make Chrome a faster browser by following different tips:
  • How to update Google Chrome for PC
    Google Chrome updates automatically if there is a new version available when you close the browser. Therefore, to update it, you don't have to do absolutely anything, since it does it for you.
  • How to install and uninstall Google Chrome for PC
    Guide to install and uninstall Chrome in Windows, with detailed step by step explanations so that there are no mistakes or errors.
  • How to use VLC Media Player and how it works for PC
    Using VLC is very simple as ease of use is one of its top priorities. To get started, you just have to download the installation file, which can be downloaded by clicking on the green Download button at the end of this guide and double-clicking on it. An installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.
  • How to download videos from YouTube with VLC Media Player
    Among the features of VLC Media Player, you find the option to download videos hosted on YouTube. To do this, open the software interface and click on the Media > Open Network Stream option in the menu at the top.
  • How to watch TV with VLC Media Player on PC
    To watch TV through VLC, follow these steps, but we warn you that you will need the URL of the streaming you want to watch. Click on Media in the upper toolbar and then click on the option Open Network Stream.
  • How to convert videos with VLC Media Player
    VLC Media Player can convert the format of your multimedia files, either videos or audio files. To do so, click on Media in the upper toolbar and select the Convert option. The keyboard shortcut to open this option is CTRL+R.
  • How to record video with VLC Media Player
    VLC allows you to record video from up to 4 different sources: the videos that are played in the software, the desktop of your PC and what happens on it, your computer’s webcam, if you have any, or the signal from your TV. We explain how you can record video for all these cases.
  • How to install and uninstall VLC Media Player on your PC
    We show you step by step how you can install VLC Media Player on a Windows computer and also how you can remove it when you do not want to use it anymore.
  • What is VLC Media Player and what is it for
    VLC is an open-source video and music player and framework (GPL license) that supports a large number of multimedia file formats and is available for Windows and other operating systems. It is capable of playing most codecs without having to download additional packages, which means it supports virtually any media format.
  • How to customize WhatsApp Transparent
    To be able to customize WhatsApp Transparent and leave it exactly how you want it to look, just follow our indications, although we have to mention that it’s almost impossible to list here all the customization options available. Open WhatsApp Transparent and search for the three vertical dots in the top right corner to access the options. On the list that drops down from this corner, you can choose between Norah Mods/GB Settings to access aesthetic settings or Privacy MODs to customize the privacy options.
  • What is WhatsApp Transparent and what's it for?
    WhatsApp Transparent is a WhatsApp MOD that we can use to chat just like the original client but that also includes new privacy and customization options. It also allows us to make video calls, send audio notes or all sorts of files. Its most noteworthy feature is that it natively applies a transparent interface, therefore, we’ll view all the texts overlaid on the wallpaper of our phone’s home screen.
  • How to use WhatsApp Transparent and how it works
    How WhatsApp Transparent works and how to use it is almost identical to WhatsApp Messenger. If you’ve ever used the official client, you’ll find it easy to get the hang of this MOD.
  • How to install WhatsApp Transparent
    To install WhatsApp Transparent on your smartphone follow these steps. In the first place, press the green Download button at the bottom of this page to download the APK.
  • How to make WhatsApp Transparent
    To modify WhatsApp’s interface and make it transparent, you need to download a MOD, in other words, a modified unofficial version of WhatsApp that allows us to do so. Many MODs offer this kind of customization but there’s one particular version the main feature of which is making its interface transparent. Press the green Download button at the bottom of this page to download its APK.
  • How to update WhatsApp Transparent
    To update WhatsApp Transparent, you have to follow these steps. Firstly, open WhatsApp Transparent on your phone, in the chats list, press the three vertical dots in the top right corner and choose Settings.
  • How to install extensions/plug-ins on Google Chrome for PC
    To be able to install Google Chrome extensions that you’ve downloaded from our web to your Windows computer, simply follow these steps:
  • What are additional OBB files and what are they for
    OBB expansion files (Opaque Binary Blob) are extra files added to the APK, which are used in the Android application installation process and have an .obb extension. While the APK files store an app’s basic components, OBB files save all additional information and all necessary data for correct functioning. They were introduced onto Android in the operating system’s Gingerbread version 2.3.
  • Opinions about FMWhatsApp: pros and cons
    This is what Malavida’s editors think about FMWhatsApp, considered as one of the best WhatsApp MODs available:
  • Is FMWhatsApp safe?
    FMWhatsApp can be considered as a safe app. To the date, there are no news about the app having malware problems. The APK we offer you is totally safe as proven by the analyses carried out by dozens of different antiviruses. However, we can’t forget that we’re talking about a WhatsApp MOD and that involves facing up to a series of risks when using it, due both to being a modification and for working with WhatsApp Messenger’s infrastructure.
  • WhatsApp Plus for iOS: can it be downloaded?
    Yes, there’s a WhatsApp Plus for iPhone. To be able to use the iPhone version, there are two options depending on whether your device has a jailbreak or not:
  • How to know if someone is using WhatsApp Plus
    There’s no such thing as a 100% reliable way of know who is using WhatsApp Plus instead of the traditional WhatsApp, the only thing you can do is keep an eye out and check if you see any signs that could confirm your suspicions, unless your contact admits to using this MOD. In any case, keep an eye out for the following signs:
  • Can I get banned from WhatsApp for using WhatsApp Plus?
    Yes: using WhatsApp Plus or any other unofficial WhatsApp MOD can get you banned from the service, not allowing you to send or receive any messages. These apps are unofficial developments that modify the original source code without permission in order to offer new functions. This practice is illegal and, therefore, pursued by the owners of WhatsApp Messenger, who consider that their service is being used without permission and without complying with the conditions and terms of used imposed to its users.
  • What's the size of WhatsApp Plus
    The size of WhatsApp Plus varies with each new version. We have to bear in mind that it’s a WhatsApp MOD and that, just like any other application, every time it gets an update and incorporates new features and functions, the size of the APK can change. Therefore, to know how much the file weighs we simply have to download the APK. However, we know that it will definitely weigh slightly more than the original app. Thus, just for your information, version 6.70 weighed 35.5 MB, version 6.20 was down to 33.8 MB, version 6.12 up to 38.5 MB, version 6.10 was slightly heavier at 38.61 MB, whilst this version 8.00 is 47.1 MB.
  • Is WhatsApp Plus safe?
    Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure that using WhatsApp Plus is 100% safe.
  • What is WhatsApp Plus and what's it for?
    WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial modified version of the instant messaging and chat application, WhatsApp, that allows us to use this messenger but with more options and customization functions than in the original application. It was created by a Spanish guy known as Rafalense some years ago, being released in 2012 the first version of this development, although he left the project shortly after. Other users picked up his work from there. The app, just like the original development, allows us to end text messages, make calls or video calls straight from our phone with our contacts that also use the application.
  • What is GBWhatsApp and what's it for?
    GBWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD, an Android app that can be used to communicate with your contacts but adding new functions that can’t be found in the official app. It’s a modification of the original app that has been developed by a third party without the authorization of the legitimate owners. It isn’t available on Google Play and can only be downloaded from other alternative sources such as our own web, as you can do so at the bottom of this tutorial.
  • Is GBWhatsApp legal?
    GBWhatsApp isn’t legal, just like the rest of the WhatsApp MODs of the likes of YOWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. These modded versions are developed upon the original app’s source code without its owners’ permission, as they haven’t disclosed it freely to allow third parties to develop apps using it. Therefore, we’re talking about an intellectual property violation, although it doesn’t look like there are any profit-making intentions behind the development of these apps.
  • GBWhatsApp or YOWhatsApp: comparison and differences
    Both GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp offer us almost exactly the same options as there are hardly any differences between them. If we compare them, we’ll see how they have quite a few aspects in common:
  • Opinions about GBWhatsApp: pros and cons
    The opinions about using a MOD of the likes of GBWhatsApp are very unalike depending on who we ask: some people prefer to use the official WhatsApp Messenger and not put their communications at stake in the hand of third parties, whilst others don’t mind risking their privacy in exchange of making the most of its great functions. Malavida’s editors have given their opinion about this issue, bearing in mind the MOD’s features:
  • Is GBWhatsApp safe?
    We can approach the safety of GBWhatsApp from two different points of view: whether it’s safe in terms of preserving our user account on WhatsApp and whether it’s safe from the user’s privacy and possible malware infections point of view. In both cases, we can confirm that it’s safe, although we have to be cautious about certain issues as we’ll explain below.
  • What the animals in Minecraft eat
    Each type of domestic animal in Minecraft has its own food. Below we show you exactly what each of the game’s animals eats.
  • What does Minecraft mean
    The word Minecraft is a mixture of two English words: Mine in reference to the activity of mining or excavating, and Craft, as a reference to the art of building. The word summarizes the basic concept of the game very accurately since what you are expected to do is explore an open world gathering materials and objects that you can later use to make tools, create buildings and anything else you can imagine, an activity known as crafting. Each word separately can have different meanings depending on the context, but together, they make the perfect term to refer to this game.
  • How to get Mobdro Premium
    To be able to get the Premium version of Mobdro, you should know that you're still going to have to wait for a while because, although its developers have announced it, it still isn’t available. According to the app's creators, once available, we’ll only have to press the Mobdro icon in the upper left hand corner of the interface of the main application and select the option Go Premium. From there, we’ll be able to purchase the paid version which, unlike the freemium edition, offers us the possibility to capture streams, supports Chromecast, doesn’t show any adverts and allows us to schedule the shutdown of the application.
  • How to install Mobdro on a Fire TV Stick
    Amazon’s Fire TV Stick doesn’t offer a very easy solution to install apps that aren’t in its official store. Mobdro is one of the most demanded tools and to be able to install it we have to follow a process to that of installing unofficial applications on Fire TV which runs on its own version of Android and with its own app store:
  • What TV channels can I watch with Mobdro?
    Mobdro includes a huge list of channels with hundreds of different options from all over the world to be viewed for free straight on our Android smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether we’re talking about free channels or others that require a monthly or yearly subscription on cable or satellite TV. We have to bear in mind that the channels are taken from different sources and because it’s not all as legal as it should be, they might not always be completely available from the app, sometimes going on and off. In any case, the following list shows you some of those most popular channels available at present, with new ones added on a regular basis: