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  • Mobdro or Popcorn Time: comparison and differences
    Mobdro and Popcorn Time are two applications that can be used to watch audiovisual contents on a phone or a tablet but with differences regarding their typology and also regarding the protocols used by both systems.
  • How to install Mobdro on Kodi
    To be able to install the Mobdro add-on on Kodi, we have to follow these simple steps:
  • How to fix the SB Game Hacker opening error
    To be able to fix not starting problems with SB Game Hacker, we have to follow this procedure:
  • What games are compatible with SB Game Hacker
    There are loads of games compatible with SB Game Hacker and, therefore, that can be hacked. These are some of the most important titles due to their high demand amongst Android users:
  • How to hack any game with SB Game Hacker
    To be able to hack a game with SB Game Hacker, we have to follow these simple steps:
  • How to get unlimited money with SB Game Hacker
    We can’t introduce a value in SB Game hacker to work as an unlimited figure when it comes to getting money or coins in a game. Nevertheless, we can apply a hack to increase our coin counter as many times as possible, which is basically the same as getting hold of unlimited money because we can do it as many times as we want. The procedure would be the following:
  • What in-game values can be modified with SB Game Hacker
    SB Game Hacker is an app that allows us to modify values in certain games, such as the following:
  • What is SB Game Hacker and what's it for?
    SB Game Hacker is an application with which we can hack different games, any variable of a game or application installed on our Android device. It works with the majority of apps and that’s why it has become so popular. What it does is modify the files of the game in question or any other app in which we’d like to have more lives, more coins or more gems, for instance.
  • How to install Mobdro on a Fire TV Stick
    Amazon’s Fire TV Stick doesn’t offer a very easy solution to install apps that aren’t in its official store. Mobdro is one of the most demanded tools and to be able to install it we have to follow a process to that of installing unofficial applications on Fire TV which runs on its own version of Android and with its own app store:
  • How to block adult contents in Mobdro
    To be able to block adult contents in Mobdro, we have to follow these steps:
  • How to fix Mobdro's buffering problems
    To be able to fix possible buffering problems in Mobdro, its developers recommend us to check our Internet connection and reload the channel to see if that fixes the problem. The channel may have reach its maximum bandwidth leading to broadcast interruptions. Therefore, another possible piece of advice could be to place our receiving device as close as possible to the WiFi transmitter to make sure the signal arrives without any kind of cut.
  • What is Mobdro and what's it for?
    Mobdro is an application to watch TV online. It can be used to tune into TV channels and video streams from our smartphone or tablet by means of a data connection or WiFi network. We’re not talking about television on-demand as is the case of Netflix or HBO, where the user can choose what to watch and when to watch it. Here, the user will be able to access a list of channels that are already being broadcast so there’s really no chance to be able to choose what to watch. It’s an application that tries to modernize the concept of classic TV. In other words, it offers us a list of channels that we can access to view programs that are being aired at that precise moment.
  • How to fix Mobdro's black screen error
    Although it’s not usual, you might come across a black screen when you try to use Mobdro. The problem can be fixed using several different methods depending on the reason behind this flaw:
  • How to remove adverts from Mobdro
    According to its developers, we can remove the adverts from Mobdro. For such purpose, we have to go to the Mobdro logo that allegedly appears in the top left-hand corner of the application and choose the option Go Premium. But if you’re already using the ordinary version of this app, you’ll probably notice that that logo can’t be found anywhere so these instructions probably refer to a previous version of the app.
  • How to watch movies and series on Mobdro
    To be able to watch movies and series with Mobdro, you only have to complete the following instructions:
  • How to fix Mobdro's parsing error
    This error is announced in the application as Parse Error and it’s due to the fact that the version of Android installed on our device is lower than the version required for the installation of Mobdro. This error can obviously be fixed by updating the operating system of our mobile device to the latest Android version available.
  • What TV channels can I watch with Mobdro?
    Mobdro includes a huge list of channels with hundreds of different options from all over the world to be viewed for free straight on our Android smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether we’re talking about free channels or others that require a monthly or yearly subscription on cable or satellite TV. We have to bear in mind that the channels are taken from different sources and because it’s not all as legal as it should be, they might not always be completely available from the app, sometimes going on and off. In any case, the following list shows you some of those most popular channels available at present, with new ones added on a regular basis:
  • How to install Mobdro
    The installation of Mobdro isn’t carried out like the majority of apps that you can download and install from Google Play. Here, you need to download its APK file but don’t worry because we’ll explain to you how to do so step by step:
  • Is Mobdro legal?
    The questions that may arise about the legality of Mobro can be approached from two different points of view: from the copyright point of view and also from the user’s privacy point of view. In this sense, we have to ask ourselves two questions:
  • How to use Mobdro
    Once you’ve installed Mobdro, it’s now time to learn how to use it which is very easy as you’ll soon find out. You just need to be aware of some basic aspects that we’ll explain to you right now:
  • Is SB Game Hacker legal?
    There’s no such thing as a law that says that we can’t download or use SB Game Hack, therefore, it’s definitely not an illegal app. However, Google doesn’t consider it acceptable in compliance with the terms of use that appear in Google Play. That also goes for certain developers who may end up blocking users that use SB Game Hacker when accessing their games.
  • How to use SB Game Hacker without root
    Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re not going to be able to use SB Game Hacker without rooting your phone. The reason is that this app needs to access certain areas of our operating system that are essential to modify parameters of any app.  And that’s precisely what SB Game Hacker does: it modifies certain aspects that are natively blocked on the operating system because we don’t have super user permissions.
  • Is SB Game Hacker safe?
    It’s quite safe to use SB Game Hacker if you use it appropriately. Starting off with the process of rooting your Android device, which is an essential requirement to be able to use this application to hack and cheat in games. For such purpose, you can make use of applications of the likes of KingRoot, KingoRoot or Framaroot, capable of carrying out this operation to grant you the super user permissions you need on your phone. Remember that the security concerns of this process revolve around the fact that you’ll lose the warranty of your device and that you’ll need to carry out a hard reset, which means that you’ll lose all the information stored on your phone.
  • How to use SB Game Hacker for Android
    SB Game Hacker is an application that modifies the parameters of the games installed on our device. It works with the majority of games and the truth is that it does its job very well. However, it’s not extremely easy to use as it may seem complicated to handle the very first time we deal with it.
  • How to install SB Game Hacker on Android
    The first thing that we’ll have to do to install SB Game Hacker on our Android handset is download the APK necessary. We can find it on the review page of SB Game Hacker on our web, for instance, because it’s no longer available in the Play Store. The fact that we can’t find it in the official Android marketplace doesn’t mean we can’t install it, it just makes the process slightly more difficult but not impossible.