Using FMWhatsApp is easy. Once you have installed and configured your phone number, you will access the window of Chats, used as the main screen of the app. Here, you can see all the conversations. Clicking on the floating + button in the lower right corner displays a toolbar for initiating a conversation, viewing a client activity log, or accessing settings directly. At the top, there is an airplane icon to activate the airplane mode exclusively in the app without affecting the rest of the mobile, another icon to perform searches and a third one to access the full menu of options. Just below, you can scroll through the Status and Call window, and easily access your camera to take pictures or record videos and send them immediately.

FMWhatsApp’s Chats windowFMWhatsApp’s Chats window

In the Chat window, if you click on any of your contacts, you will access the conversation. Just click on the text box at the bottom of the conversation and the keyboard will open so you can write your message. When you are ready, press the paper airplane button on the right side of the box to send the message. It will immediately be delivered to the receiver as long as it has an Internet connection. In this chat window, in the upper right-hand corner, you have the video camera icon to make video calls, the phone icon to make regular calls, and an icon with three small vertical dots that grants access to other functions, such as the contact information section, wallpapers for this particular chat, or the option to block access to the conversation by a PIN or pattern.

A chat group in the appA chat group in the app

Status is the section where you can set states that last 24 hours and are visible to your contacts. It is a feature very similar to the Instagram stories. If you click it, the first thing you will see is a list of all your contact's statuses. The first option in the list is My Status, and it is empty at first glance: just click it to open the camera and take some pictures or record a video to upload to your profile. It is also possible to use photos or videos from the gallery. As soon as you upload a status, all your contacts will be able to see a screenshot of your temporary post surrounded by a color animation, indicating that you have uploaded new content, inviting them to view it. You can check who sees your status at any time, resend it, share it, or delete it if you do not like it. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can also search for media content in your gallery to publish it in your WhatsApp status, write a status over a colored background, or open your camera to capture photos and videos.

Status windowStatus window

In Calls, you will find all the functions related to calls. It works in the same way as other tabs, with an easily accessible general list of incoming and outgoing calls providing options for each entry. Use the button in the lower right-hand corner that looks like a phone to initiate a call with any contact, and clear the history by clicking on the trash can icon. In the top right corner button, you have a couple of quick shortcuts to the general settings and the option Who can call me, where you can define exactly who can call you: everybody, only contacts, only specific contacts, nobody, and such.

Video call tabVideo call tab

To access the settings, go to Chats and press the button in the upper right corner with three vertical dots. There are several options there, but the most interesting feature is in Fouad Mods. When entering, we find all the settings options available in the MOD.

FMWhatsApp’s menu optionsFMWhatsApp’s menu options

Privacy and Security: here are some of the features most demanded by those who use this type of apps. You can freeze the last connection time, disable the Forwarded message when content is forwarded, choose who can call you, activate the option to see the status of our contacts without them knowing it, access the statuses deleted by the contacts, deactivate the blue check for already read messages, and more. There are also functions to block WhatsApp with different methods.

Options available in the Privacy & Security sectionOptions available in the Privacy & Security section

FMThemes: here, you can choose the interface themes, being able to browse through over 4000 different themes created by the user's community. You can load themes from SD cards or reset these preferences at any time.

Options from the YoThemes menuOptions from the YoThemes menu

Universal: several other settings, such as the colors of bars and menus, the font to use, the emojis pack, the notification icons, and more. Settings for backup are also here.

Some options from the Universal menuSome options from the Universal menu

Home Screen: general settings for the main window of the app, Chats, although some settings are related to the other sections.

Settings of the Home Screen menuSettings of the Home Screen menu

Conversation Screen: for everything that has to do with settings within chats.

Chat window settingsChat window settings

FMWA Widget: the Android widget set to your specifications.

FMWhatsApp’s widget settingsFMWhatsApp’s widget settings

Finally, in Updates, you can check for updates and see the changelog with changes from one version to another. There is also an About section with app information and an additional option called Share FMWhatsApp with Friends for you to share the app with other people.