SB Game Hacker is an application that modifies the parameters of the games installed on our device. It works with the majority of games and the truth is that it does its job very well. However, it’s not extremely easy to use as it may seem complicated to handle the very first time we deal with it.

The first thing we have to do, apart from installing the APK on our Android smartphone or tablet, which you can find on our web, is open the game in question and the program itself to hack the different variables. If you feel a bit curious, you should know that this software will search for and modify the game files in which we want to change any parameter. Those files are usually XMLs which are where all the settings such as the screen resolution or our number of coins are stored.

Whether these cheats work or not basically depends on whether the game encrypts these parameters but that isn’t very common. It might be more usual in online games but definitely not in offline titles.

How to modify any parameter? To modify any variable you only need to have SB Game Hacker open as well as the game of your choice. If you want to modify your coins, for instance, you have to know the exact value you have. It’s very important; otherwise, you won’t be able to cheat.

SB Game Hacker will ask us about the value of that parameter and will search amongst the XMLs for all those fields that include that number. Bear in mind that if you write zero as a value, it will be almost impossible to detect it because there will be too many results. Try to make sure that the number of coins is measured at least with three digits.

Once you’ve got a significant amount, you’ll be shown the results found. If you’re offered 300 results, try to earn some more coins by yourself before carrying out the hack, otherwise, it will be very complicated. If there are only 20 results, for instance, everything is much easier.

Press the Modify Now button and input the new value. Hit the Modify button and the next time you pick up a coin, that one will be added to the value that we’ve established through the application.