Books and Comic Applications for iPhone

These book and comic apps allow you to use your iPhone to enjoy everything that has to do with your reading hobby. Download all sorts of reading apps

Manga Rock 4.7.5 English
Manga Rock 4.7.5

Manga lovers, this is your app

Wattpad - Free Books and eBook Reader 8.0.1 English

A library with millions of free books

HOOKED - Chat Stories 1.77.0 English

Stores told by chat

DC Comics English

Your DC comics wherever you are

YACReader 1.6.5 English
YACReader 1.6.5

Comic reader for iPhone

Audible audio books & podcasts 3.4 English

All sorts of books in audio format

Goodreads 3.15 English
Goodreads 3.15

Community for readers

iBooks 3.5 English
iBooks 3.5

All your books now on your iOS device

Google Play Books 4.3.0 English

Google's eReader for iPhone

Booktrack 3.2.3 English
Booktrack 3.2.3

Soundtrack for your books

Readmill 3.5.2 English
Readmill 3.5.2

eBook reader with social functions

Instapaper 6.4.1 English
Instapaper 6.4.1

Save any article to read it later offline

IKEA Catalog 18.01 English

The application of IKEA's catalog for iPhone

Odilo App 1.5.1 English
Odilo App 1.5.1

Read Odilo's eBooks on your phone or tablet

Kobo Books 9.9 English

Rakuten's online bookstore and reader

Kindle 6.10 English
Kindle 6.10

The iPhone application for Amazon's eBook reader