Children's Games for iPhone

Download children's games to your iPhone and you'll make sure that your kids have fun with contents adapted to their age while they also learn

My Talking Angela 4.1.3 English

A kitten as your virtual pet on your iPhone

Monster Pet Shop 1.3.2 English

You will have to play all the time

Toca Life: School 1.2 English

Child's game based on school life

My Little Pony: Harmony Quest 1.4 English

My Little Pony's mobile game

Monster High Beauty Shop 2.9 English

Make your favorite monster look really pretty

The Everything Machine 1.0.6 English

Create your own toys on your iPhone

Camp Pokémon 1.2 English

Pokémon creatures go camping

The Robot Factory 1.1.4 English

Build your own robots

Hatchi 7.7 English
Hatchi 7.7

A virtual pet for iOS devices

Tom Loves Angela 2.2 English

Become a cat-style playboy

PlayKids 4.13.3 English
PlayKids 4.13.3

Kids will learn while playing

Talking Ben the Dog 3.5.1 English

Chemistry had never been so dog-funny!

Talking Ginger 2.5.4 English

I tawt I taw a putty tat!

Pokémon Playhouse 1.0 English

The latest Pokémon game for iPhone and iPad

Hello Spring - Preschool Learning Games for kids 2.4 English

Educational games for kids

Clumsy Ninja 1.16.0 English
Clumsy Ninja 1.16.0

Train this clumsy ninja

Baby Love Learning 1.1 English

Basic games for your baby