Education and Leisure Applications for iPhone

Find out about different ways to learn and spend your free time with these education and leisure applications for iPhone. Make the most of your spare time

TutuApp 3.4.1 English
TutuApp 2.4.12

Alternative app store for iPhone

Apple Store 5.8 English

Keep Apple's Store nearby

AppCake English

The best App Store with added vitamins

AppEven 1.0.5 English
AppEven 1.0.5

An alternative app store for iPhone

TweakBox English

An alternative marketplace to the App Store

CokernutX English

An alternative application installer to Cydia

AppValley 2.0 English

Get paid apps for free and without jailbreak

Google Classroom 2.2020.18205 English
Google Classroom 2.2020.18205

The iPhone app for Google's tool for classrooms

Funny Movie Maker 1.10 English

Create funny videos by swapping and changing voices and faces

ClassDojo 6.29.1 English
ClassDojo 6.29.1

Paper, pen, and this app: basics to go back to school

SnoreLab 4.6.7 English
SnoreLab 4.6.7

Measure your snoring level

Talk & Translate 3.1.5 English

Real-time text and voice translation app

Pacer: Pedometer & Walking App 3.8.1 English

Take care of your health and physical well-being

Monitor Your Weight 4.9.2 English

The battle of the bulge arrives on your iPhone

Marimba Remixed Ringtones 1.0.0 English

Bored of your ringtones? There are alternatives

My Blood Pressure Readings 1.92 English

Your doctor, always with you

Runtastic - Adidas Running 11.1 English

Train with the help of your GPS

Tandem - Language Exchange 3.0.5 English

App to practice languages with native speakers

8fit - Workouts, meal plans and personal trainer 2.9.1 English

A personal trainer on the palm of your hand

Thermometer 73 English

Temperature data based on our GPS position

Running for Weight Loss 5.2.2 English

Lose weight by jogging with the help of your iPhone

Night Sky 6.2 English

Obtain superpowers to view the sky at night

Muslim Pro - Ramadan 10.8 English

A great help for Islam followers

Athan 3.5 English
Athan 3.5

Carry out the 5 daily compulsory prayers of Islam

TomTom GO Mobile 1.10.2 English
TomTom GO Mobile 1.10.2

The leading navigation system on your iPhone

Bible 8.15.2 English
Bible 5.7

Look up the Holy Scriptures from your iPhone

iTunes U 3.4 English

Free courses and more than half a million educational texts at your disposal

iNaturalist 2.8.7 English

Learn about nature with this app