Fun and Jokes Applications for iPhone

Thanks to these fun and jokes applications you'll definitely have a fun time. Find the best jokes and different ways of having a laugh on your iPhone

Elf Yourself 7.1.0 English

Become an elf and feel the Christmas spirit

Astral Coach - Personal Astrology Assistant 1.3.1 English

Know the future not with cards, with your iPhone

Talking Tom Cat 2 5.1 English

In this new version Tom the cat lives in an apartment

Dubsmash 1.3.7 English
Dubsmash 1.3.7

Record yourself on video dub yourself with famous phrases

Akinator the Genie 4.8 English

The genie capable of reading your mind

Flippy 2.3.4 English
Flippy 2.3.4

Sing in famous music videos

tbh 2.7 English
tbh 2.7

To Be Honest for iPhone, a game about positive surveys

A Merry Christmas English

Collection of Christmas cards for iPhone

voicemod 4.4.2 English
voicemod 4.4.2

Modulate your voice pitch

Funny Movie Maker 1.10 English

Create funny videos by swapping and changing voices and faces

ZombieBooth 2 1.40 English
ZombieBooth 2 1.40

Turn your face into an animated zombie

iCuenca 1.2 English
iCuenca 1.2

Find out what direction Cuenca is in

FunBox 2.3 English
FunBox 2.3

Play funny sounds

Jokes Roulette 3.2.0 English

A roulette of random jokes

Ouija Table 2.2 English

Paranormal activities on your iPhone

MEMEces 1.13 English
MEMEces 1.2.0

The funniest images and memes on the Internet

Face Bomb! 1.8.7 English
Face Bomb! 1.8.7

Have a laugh cloning your friends

OMG Sounds 2.4 English

Download this fun sounds app for a limited period of time

NORAD Tracks Santa 1.4 English

Follow Santa Claus with help from NORAD

AutoRap by Smule 2.2.9 English

Turn your words into urban lyrics

Am I Going Down? 1.7 English

Will I die in an air accident?

FlipLip Voice Changer 1.2.1 English

Send audio messages on Facebook Messenger with a modified voice

PhotoAge Lite 1.5 English
PhotoAge Lite 1.5

Discover the age of different celebrities

Wishbone 5.4.6 English
Wishbone 4.15.1

Choose what's trendy every morning

Meme Producer 3.5 English

Be creative and imagine your own memes

Challenged 1.1.3 English
Challenged 1.1.3

Challenge or be challenged by any user

Straight Outta Meme Maker 1.3 English

The meme generator from Straight Outta Compton

Zoom, Enhance! 1.1 English

GIFs based on your photos

Simulator Real Hologram 1.2 English

A hologram emulator

Snacky 2.3.2 English
Snacky 2.3.2

Different channels for GIFs, videos and images

Akinator 6.3 English

The game of the genie that can read your mind

Backtalker 1 English

Record your voice and play it backwards

Donald Draws Executive Doodle 1.3.1 English

Draw with Donald Trump

Voice Changer Plus 5.01 English

Record your voice and apply effects

9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs 6.12.00 English

Fun at your fingertips