Health Applications for iPhone

Thanks to these health applications for iPhone you can keep a strict control over different aspects of your body and make queries of medical nature

Flo Period Tracker: Period & Ovulation Tracker 3.7.0 English

Because you want to have everything under control on those days

Full Fitness 2.2 English

Keep fit with your iPhone

Pocket Glasses PRO 1.05 English

Turn your iPhone into your emergency glasses

Lumosity 7.7 English

Put your brain to the test

FoodPrint Diet by Nutrino 2.23.3 English

Create healthy food habits adapted to your taste

WaterMinder - Water Hydration Reminder & Tracker 3.2.2 English

App that reminds you when to drink water

Weight Diary 5.0 English

Lose weight with the help of your iPhone

Zen 3.0.9 English
Zen 3.0.9

Learn to live your life with more philosophy

Monitor Your Weight 4.9.2 English

The battle of the bulge arrives on your iPhone

Nootric 2.14.2 English

How to lose weight with the help of your iPhone

My Blood Pressure Readings 1.92 English

Your doctor, always with you

Visual Anatomy 5.0 English

A human anatomy encyclopedia on your iPhone

Elevate 3.8 English
Elevate 3.8

A personal trainer for your brain

NeuroNation 2.5.34 English
NeuroNation 2.5.34

Hundreds of exercises to give your brain a workout

QuitNow! 5.85.1 English
QuitNow! 5.9.6

Let your iPhone help you to quit smoking

Plant Nanny 1.9.0 English

Water your plant and drink more water

Tap & Track 8.0 English

The largest food database

Diabetes Tracker 1.5.3 English

Control your blood glucose level

DAFNE Online 2.2 English

Support network for diabetes patients

Glucose Buddy 3.7.0 English

Your historic log of glucose and insulin data

Social Diabetes 2.4.1 English

Award-winning application to control diabetes

Glucose Companion 4.3 English

Help to control your diabetes

Sleep Better 2.3.3 English

Improve the quality of your sleep

Drink Water Reminder 1.9 English

The app that tells you when to hydrate yourself

SnoreLab 3.0.2 English
SnoreLab 3.0.2

Measure your snoring level

iBronze 1.5 English
iBronze 1.5

Feel safe when you sunbathe

Calorie Counter 6.0.2 English

Watch your weight from your iPhone

Cardiograph 2.7 English

Measure your heartbeat