Free Messaging and Mobile Chat for iPhone

Chat and send messages to your contacts with these instant messaging applications for iPhone. Always keep in touch via text message with whoever you want

WhatsApp++ 2.19.71 English
WhatsApp++ 2.19.71

Add new functions to WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.40 English

The chat and instant messaging app par excellence

Facebook Messenger 263.0 English

Facebook's instant messaging for iPhone

LINE 10.6.5 English
LINE 10.6.5

One of the most popular chat and messaging apps

WeChat 7.0.12 English
WeChat 7.0.12

The most popular instant messenger in China

imo - free video calls and chat 7.1.90 English

Text messaging app to make voice and video calls

Telegram Messenger 6.1.2 English

Private and safe instant messaging and chat app

WhatsApp Watusi 2.19.92 English

A more complete version of WhatsApp on your iPhone

WhatsApp++ Duplicate 2.18.91 English

Two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone

Messenger Lite 150.0 English

The lightweight version of Facebook's messaging app

Chatous 3.9.78 English
Chatous 3.4.6

Find random users to chat to

Facebook Messenger Kids 113.0 English

Facebook's Messenger for children

FireChat 8.0.15 English
FireChat 8.0.15

The app to chat and send messages without an Internet connection

Kik 15.3.0 English
Kik 15.3.0

The simplest and fastest messenger for your smartphone

SNOW - Fun camera & Video call 8.0.4 English

Filters for your videos and real-time messages

hike messenger 3.3.1 English

Easy-to-use and fun instant messaging

Hangouts 33.0.303435107 English
Hangouts 33.0.0

Google's chat and video call app

Threema 2.3.1 English
Threema 2.3.1

Make sure your communications are really safe

Wickr 5.14.2 English
Wickr 5.14.2

Send private and anonymous self-destructable messages

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie 0.14.108 English

Walkie-talkie messaging using videos

KakaoTalk Messenger 8.8.0 English

Instant messaging app with voice functions

Remind 10.5.1 English
Remind 10.5.1

A WhatApp for teachers

Slack 20.05.10 English
Slack 20.05.10

The app that simplifies your team work

Glide 6.3.12 English
Glide 6.3.12

Create movies with your video conversations

Hangouts Chat 1.0.33 English

Instant messaging for companies on behalf of Google

Starfire for Clash Royale 1.5.05 English
Starfire 1.4.0

Chat application for gamers

Amazon Chime 4.15.5255 English
Amazon Chime 4.2.5667

Amazon's app to communicate in professional environments

Rumuki 2.5.4 English
Rumuki 2.5.4

The safest way to share your most intimate moments

Peach 1.0.8 English
Peach 1.0.8

Chat using magic words

surespot 12 English

A completely encrypted WhatsApp

Fallout CHAT 1.0 English

GIFs and emojis based on Fallout 4

ChatSecure 14.3 English
ChatSecure 4.3.8

Your chat applications much more secure

Quickie 2.1.0 English
Quickie 2.0.1

Maybe the most natural messaging app

Wire 2.16 English
Wire 2.16

The messaging app by the founders of Skype

Yo 1.1.0 English
Yo 1.1.0

The Flappy Bird of the messaging world

Confide 4.4.2 English
Confide 4.4.2

The most private instant messaging

unda 1.300 English
unda 1.300

Instant messaging by means of video 2.0.2 English 2.0.2

Provide your phone with more messaging options

Libon 3.4.1 English
Libon 3.4.1

Orange's alternative to WhatsApp