Online Radio and Music Applications for iPhone

Enjoy your favorite music and tune into radio stations from all over the world with these online radio and music applications for Apple's smartphone

Spotify Music 8.4.95 English

Listen to music on your iPhone

Setbeat 2.6.0 English
Setbeat 2.3.2

App to listen to music online and for free

Pandora Music 1902.2 English

The app to listen to and discover online music on your iPhone

Shazam 12.9 English
Shazam 12.9

The song hunter app for iPhone to discover and identify music

TuneIn Radio 15.6 English

App to listen to the radio on your iPhone

TubeMate 1.2 English

Listen to online music for free and play videos

Mobdro 2.5 English
Mobdro 2.5

App to listen to online music hosted on YouTube

MP3 Music Downloader 8.0 English

Download songs in MP3 to your iPhone

NetTube Video Music Player & Playlist Manager 1.1 English

Listen to music via streaming on your iPhone

Free Music MP3 Download App 3.2 English

Download MP3 to your smartphone

Apple Music English

The music streaming service's app for iPhone

TIDAL 2.4.2 English
TIDAL 2.4.2

Hi-Fi via streaming

YouTube Music 3.05.3 English

YouTube's music player for iPhone and iPad

Music+ Downloader 1.1 English

Listen to and download music for your iPhone

SoundCloud 5.48.0 English
SoundCloud 5.48.0

Discover and share music in the largest artist community

Vevo - Watch Music Videos 5.4.3 English

The music video platform on your iPhone

Deezer Music: Stream Top Songs 7.1.1 English

The official Deezer app for iPhone

Google Play Music 3.50.1001 English

Google's online music service

Napster 6.2 English
Napster 6.2

Music streaming wherever you go

biit 2.0.1
biit 2.0

All the music that you want and whenever you want on your iPhone

Free Music: Unlimited Music Player & Songs Album 1.1 English

Play music for free via streaming

iHeartRadio 8.15.3 English
iHeartRadio 8.15.3

Music stations with millions of free songs

myTuner Radio 1.1.0 English

Thousands of radio stations to listen on your iPhone

SoundHound 6.3.1 English
SoundHound 6.3.1

Discover and identify the songs you don't know

Maxima FM 2.0.9443 English
Maxima FM 2.0.9443

The best dance music on your iPhone

Cadena 100 3.0 English

Your favorite radio station's application

Groove 3.0.7 English
Groove 3.0.7

Your personal DJ on your iPhone

Free Music Download 2.2 English

Download thousands of songs legally to your iPhone

The Rolling Stones Official App 2.44.4 English

The latest news and exclusive contents one of the biggest bands in history

Twitter #music 1.3 English

Listen to music depending on Twitter's activity

Pandora Radio 8.5 English

Official Pandora platform app for iOS

Tunigo Play 3.0.6 English

Digital music guide

7digital 2.0.13 English
7digital 2.0.13

Enjoy your digital MP3 store on your phone

Radionomy 4.0.9 English
Radionomy 4.0.9

Thousands of online radio stations always with you

Downloader SoundCloud 1.2.6 English

Download songs from SoundCloud

Discovr 6.1 English
Discovr 6.1

The map to discover music

Bandcamp 2.1.5 English

Long list of emerging artists

RSSRadio 3.4.12 English
RSSRadio 3.4.12

Search and download podcasts of your favorite radio programs

Eurovision Song Contest 4.1.3 English

Follow Eurovision from your iPhone

Songtree 1.9.11 English
Songtree 1.9.11

Collaborative music arrives on your iPhone