Video Camera Applications for iPhone

Make the most of your iPhone's recording functions with these video camera applications. Use your smartphone's camera to become the next John Ford

8mm Vintage Camera 2.6.1 English

A retro video camera for your iPhone

VHS Camcorder 1.2.2 English

Record videos with a great eighties style

Spark Camera 2.3.4 English

Create videos on your iPhone

Alfred - Home Security Surveillance IP Camera 2.1.0 English

Turn your iPhone into a surveillance camera

Social Cam 1.2 English

Record and store your own videos

SlowCam 1.2 English
SlowCam 1.2

Record in slow motion as easy as possible

Twicer 2.1.1 English
Twicer 2.1.1

Record videos using both cameras on your phone at once

Boomerang from Instagram 1.4.7 English

Create short videos to share with your mates

Horizon 3.9.1 English
Horizon 3.9.1

Always record your videos horizontally