Applications for Wearables on iPhone

All these applications for wearable technology allow you to manage devices such as smartwatches or fitness bands straight from your iPhone or iPad

Fitbit 2.88 English
Fitbit 2.88

The iPhone app of the brand of wearables

Garmin Connect Mobile 3.13.1 English

The application for Garmin wearables

Polar Flow 3.7.9 English
Polar Flow 3.7.9

The official application for Polar wearables

Android Wear 2.4.15 English
Android Wear 2.4.15

Control your Android wearable from an iPhone

MyGlass 0.6.0 English
MyGlass 0.6.0

Configure and manage Google Glass on iPhone

Pebble 4.3.1 English
Pebble 4.3.1

iPhone's notifications on your smartwatch

Google Cardboard 1.2 English

Google's virtual reality on your iPhone