Education and Leisure for Linux

Among our education and leisure software for Linux you'll find everything you need to learn about any discipline and make the most of your free time

MATLAB R2018a English

Carry out advanced numerical calculations

Google Earth English
Google Earth

Travel all over the world in three dimensions

Tux Typing 1.8.1 English
Tux Typing 1.8.1

Tux teaches kids how to type

GeoGebra 5.0.345.0 English
GeoGebra 5.0.345.0

Carry out geometry and algebra calculations with this program

Hitchhiker 2000 0.7 Alpha English
Hitchhiker 2000 0.7 Alpha

Virtual planetary for Linux

Celestia 1.5.1 English
Celestia 1.5.1

Enjoy the cosmos on your computer's screen

TuxGuitar 1.3.1 English
TuxGuitar 1.3.1

Create and edit guitar tabs

SageMath 8.1 English

Open source mathematical software 1.1.25 English

Find out what to expect in the future

Gcalctool 5.6.31 English
Gcalctool 5.6.31

Calculator designed for GNOME environments

Gourmet Recipe Manager 0.15.9 English

Store and look up your cooking recipes

Span-Gles 2.0 English

Translate between Spanish and English

Ghemical 3.0.0 English
Ghemical 3.0.0

Computational chemistry package

weeWX 2.1.1 English
weeWX 2.1.1

A weather forecast manager for your computer

GpsDrive 2.11 English
GpsDrive 2.11

Work with your GPS from a Linux computer