File Managers for Linux

With these file managers for Linux you'll be able to make use of more and better functions to work with all sorts of files stored on your PC

pyRenamer 0.6.0 English
pyRenamer 0.6.0

Rename all the files that you want in a few seconds

X Northern Captain 5.0.4 English

A file manager with advanced functions

Gtkpod 2.1.4 English
Gtkpod 2.1.4

Manage your iPod from your Linux distro

Parted Magic 2015-05-04 English
Parted Magic 2015-05-04

Disk and partition management

Synchrorep 1.5.3 English
Synchrorep 1.5.3

An easy way to synchronize your folders

GParted 0.26.1 English
GParted 0.26.1

Manage your hard drive's partitions

Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.0a10 English

Manage the images from your camera