MIDI and Audio Sequencers for Mac

With these MIDI and audio sequencers for Mac you can turn your Mac computer into a music production studio with dozens of creative possibilities

FL Studio English
FL Studio

One of the best DAWs comes to Mac

Logic Pro X 10.4.4 English
Logic Pro X 10.4.4

The ultimate sequencer for Mac

Cubase Elements 10.0.15 English
Cubase Elements 10.0.15

Advanced audio sequencer to compose music

Pro Tools 11 English

Music and audio production software

Nuendo 8 English

An audiovisual post-production environment

Ableton Live 10.0.1 English
Ableton Live 10.0.1

Welcome to the most innovating multitrack workstation

Reason 10.2.2 English
Reason 10.1.2

Everything you would have in your music studio, now inside your Mac

Ardour 5.12 English
Ardour 5.12

A free open source professional audio workstation

MULAB 5.1.0 English
MULAB 5.1.0

Create music with your Mac

Reaper 5.965 English
Reaper 5.965

Very complete DAW to create songs

Ordrumbox 0.9.37 English
Ordrumbox 0.9.34

Audio sequencer and rhythm box

Doggiebox 2.0.2 English
Doggiebox 2.0.2

Percussion sequencer that includes kits