Proxies and VPN Tools for Mac

Software to configure proxies and VPN tools will help you to browse the Internet anonymously and connect remotely to other computers and devices

Surfshark 2.2.1 English
Surfshark 1.3.2 (226)

VPN service for Mac

Hola 1.0.21 English
Hola 1.0.21

Browse using a VPN

Hamachi English

Create a local computer network on the Internet with this application

Hotspot Shield 1.40 English

Secure and private browsing on public access networks

TunnelBear 3.6.0 English
TunnelBear 3.6.0

This VPN offers a private browsing experience

NetShade 7.2.1 English
NetShade 7.2.1

Hide your location behind a proxy