Strategy Games for Mac

Bring out your inner strategist and tactician and make the best decisions to reach the final victory in this collection of strategy games for Mac

Age of Empires 3 1.1 English

Take part in the conquest of the New World

Plants vs. Zombies 1.0.40 English

Your garden will protect you against the zombie invasion

Rome: Total War Gold Edition 1.4.4 English
Rome: Total War Gold Edition 1.4.4

Take control of the Roman Empire and defend it against the barbarians

Civilization 4 1.0 English

Build your own civilization

Worms 3D 1.1 English

The most famous worms land on Mac

Scorched 3D 43.3d English

Excellent turn-based combat game

Virtual Families 2 English

Control a whole virtual family with this great game

Second Life English
Second Life

The largest and most entertaining 3D virtual world

Hedgewars English

Worms clone for Mac computers

Starcraft Remastered 1.18 English
Starcraft Remastered 1.18

Conquer the Universe with this strategy game

OpenTTD 1.8.0 English
OpenTTD 1.8.0

Run a transport company