Task Managers, Lists and Notes for Mac

Improve your productivity with this software to manage tasks, create lists and write notes on your Mac. You'll gain time and never forget anything

Turtl 0.7.0 English
Turtl 0.7.0

Organize your information in a safe manner

Evernote 7.5.2 English
Evernote 7.5.2

An advanced personal organizer

Home Inventory 3.8.1 English

Carry out personal or professional inventories

Automize 12.04 English
Automize 12.04

Schedule your daily tasks

Antnotes 1.6.1 English
Antnotes 1.6.1

Sticky virtual notes for Mac

Clear 1.1.7 English
Clear 1.1.7

Organize your tasks

Pomodori 0.7 English

Follow the Pomodoro technique to keep your concentration

Pomodoro 0.31 English
Pomodoro 0.31

Manage your time in front of the computer with this chronometer

Things 3.9 English
Things 3.9

One of the best task managers available

The Hit List 1.1.32 English
The Hit List 1.1.32

Organize your time better using task lists

Journler 2.6b4 English
Journler 2.6b4

Organize and sychronize notes and sketches

SketchBox 1.4.1 English
SketchBox 1.4.1

Create and manage as many sticky notes as you want