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Download 1-Click Answers free for Mac to easily search the Answers website. With 1-Click Answers you'll have an enormous database at your disposal

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Answers.com is a popular website that offers you all kinds of information from the internet, one of the most important online databases out there. It allows you to search for data on any word: including over 4 million entries. Download 1-Click Answers free of charge and start looking up words directly from your desktop.

Search information without stopping your workflow.


  • Tool for searching information on the Answers website.
  • Choose from two different methods: enter search terms in the Answers toolbar or use a keyboard shortcut.
  • Adapts results to your needs.
  • Saves a search history.

Why not have an complete encyclopedia always at hand? If you are a Mac user, download 1-Click Answers for free and you will be able to consult words instantly without stopping your workflow.

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