1 Second Folder Encryption


1 Second Folder Encryption protects the contents of your folders. Download 1 Second Folder Encryption for free and avoid that anybody accesses your folders

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1 Second Folder Encryption is a lightweight utility designed to protect the access to the contents of any folder on your hard drive instantly. Thus, you'll be able to avoid that other people access the personal information that you store on your computer: photos, private documents, banking data...

Encrypt and decrypt folders

The application is very easy to use and at the same time very efficient. From its interface you will have the possibility to access two options:

  • Encrypt: This option will allow you to make the folders that you choose invisible, with the only possibility to view them straight from this software.
  • Decrypt: That allows you to remove the cloaking from any folder, all you'll have to do is choose the appropriate box and tick it, and the application will do the rest of the work.

As logical, the access to the application is protected, and it will only be possible to access it if you know the password that was assigned during the installation. That password can be modified whenever you want from the program, nevertheless, you'll first have to input the original password. Download 1 Second Folder Encryption and discover the quickest way to protect your data on your PC.

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