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123movies is a site where you'll find all sorts of movies and TV series that you can watch for free straight from your browser without needing to log in

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To be able to watch movies online for free on the Internet, there are all sorts of alternatives. From Pordede to Netflix, and now also 123movies. This web allows us to play all sorts of titles without even needing to log in as a user (although you can do so to make the most of greater options).

Old and new movies organized according to several criteria

This site offers us different ways to find the movie we're looking for:

  • Genre.
  • Country of origin.
  • IMDb ratings.
  • Alphabetical order.

It even comes along with a request box in case you can't find what you're looking for.

A TV series corner

As couldn't be otherwise, TV fiction also has room on this app. There are dozens and dozens of series available on the web to be played without any kind of problem.

If you're a registered user, as well as being able to make the most of the functions that everybody else can make use of, you'll also be able to create a profile to identify yourself on the web and draw up your very own movie list.

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Antony Peel
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