1DNest is a complete tool to calculate the best way to use industrial material efficiently by cutting the angles properly. Download 1DNest for your company

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There many kinds of industries that handle materials like beams, tubes, pipes and similar objects. To work with this kind of material, it's sometimes necessary to cut all the different pieces into smaller ones. The software that we present, 1DNest, is used for precisely that function: carry out mathematical calculations to take full advantage of the full length of the materials. It carries out these operations with extraordinary precision and speed.

Linear cutting optimizer for PC

1DNest also considers the cost variable, something that is extremely valuable in any company. With a very simple interface, the user has to input the data and the tool will create a detailed report with the best way to cut the piece.

The benefits that can be accomplished using this application are: saving material, buy this material efficiently and the optimization of the work carried out in the workshop. 1DNest can save you time and money in your business if used properly. Many advantages and few inconveniences. We recommend that you try out this very useful tool.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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