1st SMTP Server

1st SMTP Sever is a complete email server that you will be able to manage by yourself. Download 1st SMTP Server and improve the privacy of your emails

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If you want to manage your own email domain and you would like to do so with a server that is completely managed by you, 1st SMTP Server is a very interesting mail relay server to start working in this field.

An easy-to-use email server

Thanks to this program you'll be able to have your own email relay server, managing to relay your email directly (without passing through your ISP), furthermore, you will be able to access your mail whenever you want, without having to worry about IP changes. Since you control the mail, your privacy will increase, because you will be able to be sure that no filters are reading what you send.

Furthermore, 1st SMTP Server practically doesn't need configuration because the default parameters that it includes are more than enough for the mail server to be able to work once you include your domain and a few personal details. Among its functions, it will allow us to perform mass bulk emailing for publicity campaigns. But we advise that anyone that uses mass bulk emailing to do so with moderation, because if they over do it, you could be tagged as a spammer.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can only be used for 30 days.
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