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The third-person shooter game 1v1Battle offers us battle-royale style multiplayer matches featuring gameplay that involves the building of quick covers

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If you are into multiplayer shooter games, get downloading the APK file of this one right now because you are going to love it. And this won't be just about shooting, we will also have to build covers to protect us from our enemies.

Shooting, building, and strategy

The shooter game 1v1Battle is a third-person multiplayer shooter featuring minimalist 3D graphics. Our objective is to fight against another player in PvP combats and take him down before he takes us down.

Fight against real players, learn to build quick covers, leverage your surrounding to take advantage over your opponents, and perfect your fighting skills.

The feature that makes this game different is that not only do we have to shoot at the enemy but we also have to build items that provide us with cover and destroy those of our opponent. There are four game modes:

  • 1v1 Battle.
  • Match with friends.
  • 2v2 Battle (coming soon).
  • Creative.

To play, we have a lot of touch buttons that will allow us to jump, crouch, dance, climb, aim, shoot, and build different structures with our right thumb. In addition, as we advance, we will have the chance to customize our avatar using skins and to equip it with different kinds of weapons.

In general, the experience is a lot of fun. If we fancy enjoying a different kind of battle royale that is nice and simple, we've found it.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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This year
145.2 MB

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