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2048 is a simple game in which you have to reach the figure of 2048 by adding numbers on a grid. Make the most of 2048 by playing for free on your browser

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2048 is a maths game that will keep you glued to your screen for hours on end, trying to reach your objective: to reach the amount of 2048 by adding numbers on a grid. Although it seems easy, it will take you more than what you think. You can now enjoy the trendiest game from your web browser.

Join numbers and obtain a tile with the figure of 2048.

The most addictive game at present

We all like a good challenge now and again, and 2048 brings us a very interesting one. We have a four-by-four grid in which we'll have numbers 2 or 4. We have to start adding identical numbers to obtain increasingly higher figures until we reach 2048. To be able to add them, we have to use the direction arrows that will move the grid. Do you think it's easy? Well, you're probable wrong!

Will you be able to reach number 2048 without losing your mind?

Gabriele Cirulli
Over a year ago
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