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3D Angles is a program that will help you study molecular structures. Download 3D Angles for free and you will be able to view most molecules in 3D

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If you're a chemistry student and you just can't seem to understand molecular structures, 3D Angles is the program that will help you to study them. This software will take care of showing you an array of molecules, atoms and links, and it will ask you questions about them.

The ideal software for chemistry students

Thanks to the advanced composition system, 3D Angles allows you to easily view a large number of structures with their links and the elements that form part of it in 3D. Thus, it is capable of showing from a water molecule (H2O) to the most complicated that you can think of.

Once shown, 3D Angles asks the user something about what he is viewing, based on various fields, like the link angle, the hybridization or the coordination number.

Once a block of questions is finished, it will show the student the number of correct answers and the time that he has taken to answer, because it isn't that same to be able to do so immediately or taking a few minutes to answer. So, if you are a chemical expert that just wants to exercise your knowledge, or a student that is studying molecular structures, this software can come in very handy.

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