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Are you getting ready to obtain your driver's license? Practice with 3D Driving Class, a realistic driving simulator application for Android devices

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If you are having a hard time getting your driver's license exam or would like to try out a driving system before getting behind a real wheel, you might be looking for the game developed by the John 3:16 studio. Learn the basic driving skills in this realistic driving simulator for all audiences designed in three dimensions.

Learn how to drive on your Android

One of the most interesting details of this game is that they warn us immediately that video games and real driving are very different. So, forget about being a driving expert after playing this simulator and do not even try to drive no matter how good you do in the game.

With 3D Driving Class, you can learn and review the basic rules for the driver's license exam on a virtual screen. Also, keep in mind that this is a game designed for South Korea, so the vehicles may be slightly different from the ones you are used to.

Simulation application designed to practice and learn through games.

So during every level, we will have to fulfill the objective that they indicate to us by complying with all the traffic regulations. In other words, we will have to start by putting on our seat belt, starting the engine, and putting on the corresponding indicators. You must be very attentive to all the steps since the slightest mistake will reduce your score in the exam.

Although the interface is very simple and the graphics are not a marvel, this is a new and original proposal that motivates us to learn how to drive (or review our driving) while we play and have fun. Additionally, it has a lot of little details, offering us a complete and precise simulator within the limits of a mobile device screen.

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