3D Real Boxshot


3D Real Boxshot will help you to provide the boxes of your software with an appealing look. Prepare your software for the stores with 3D Real Boxshot

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3D Real Boxshot is a simple tool with which you will be able to create 3 dimensional boxes for the programs that you develop, in such a way that you can give the software you distribute on your website a more appealing and professional look, as nowadays it is very important to look after product image.

  The programs works in WYSIWYG mode (What You See Is What you Get), so what you see on the screen during the creation process will be identical to the result that you obtain. The interface is similar to that of other design programs, with the only difference that with which software you will only be able to design boxes.

  Once your project is finished, you will be able to export it as BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIF, EMF and WBMP. It will also be possible to obtain the box in GIF (animation) or AVI (video) format.

  Discover the way to give your developments a much more professional presentation, thanks to 3D Real Boxshot, a simple tool that has been designed for all user levels.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version adds a watermark to the designs.
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