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3X VPN is a VPN service with which you will be able to protect your privacy and your data by using a fake IP that allows you to enjoy unlimited navigation

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There are several reasons for using a VPN, but they are mainly used to protect user anonymity through the use of a fake IP or to access online content that is blocked in the user's location. If you need to turn to a service like this, then download 3X VPN.

Servers around the world

This application features a network of VPN servers from around the world. This means you to can turn to them when you need to use a service that only works in that specific country or if you simply want to access content that is blocked in your country for either copyright or political reasons.

The functioning is very simple: just choose a server so that your connection automatically stays linked to it and all your traffic will pass through it. These are the functions offered:

  • Dozens of servers scattered around the world.
  • Easy-to-use: enable or disable the proxy with just one tap.
  • Choose which applications you want to use through the VPN and leave out those you don't.
  • No time limits on usage.
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