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4chan Downloader is a tool to download images from the 4chan website. Download 4chan Downloader free and increase your image collection very quickly

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4chan is a platform that allows image storage, which is used by people all over the world to upload and share their images. If you are interested in downloading any of those images to your computer, you should consider installing 4chan Downloader.

  Thanks to this simple utility you will be able to download the contents of any 4chan thread directly to your computer. You simply have to input the URL of the image that you are interested in and click the “Start” button. 4chan Downloader will automatically download the images to the folder that you specify.

  In the 4chan website you will find many themes, all of which have thousands of photographs. Browse among the contents and start copying URLs. 4chan Downloader will scan the page every certain amount of time, established by our settings, and it will indicate if new images have been uploaded to the service.

  What's more, you will be able to download from various addresses at the same time, because the software's interface is divided into tabs.

  Easily increase your image collection with this tool. Download 4chan Downloader and you will have the chance to automatically download photographs from the 4chan website.
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary to have an Internet connection to access the images from 4chan.
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