64bit Checker


64bit Checker is a simple program with which you can find out if you have a 64bit system on your computer or if it would be prepared to support one

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It may happen that when you buy a new computer the manufacturer doesn't inform you about some of the details about the hardware and software included in the computer, in such a way that you will have to find out exactly what components your computer has got by yourself.

Find out if your computer can support 64 bits operating systems

64bit Checker is a simple utility that will show you in a single window if your operating system works at 64 bit and if negative if your processor supports that kind of operating system. Once the check has finished you'll be able to export the data it has provided as an HTML or TXT file to be able to share it with whoever you want or just store it on your hard drive.

The program's interface is very simple and doesn't include any buttons at all to handle it, except those with which the results can be exported. Thanks to the latter, it's a utility that is ideal for any user, without having to take into account their computing knowledge.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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