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With the 911 Operator game, you can become an emergency hotline operator who has to be quick to react and solve every emergency that comes their way

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Have you ever wondered what happens when you call 112 or 911 to report an accident or emergency? In this game, you will not only find out, you will become an emergency telephone operator and manage the emergency services to respond (or not) to multiple situations.

Control all kinds of situations

The title 911 Operator is an interesting emergency game that offers a realistic and immersive experience, bringing players closer to an emergency telephone operator's work. Your role is to answer the phone, talk to the caller and choose the most appropriate responses on each occasion. But you must also react appropriately in each situation and effectively manage the available teams and equipment.

Step into the shoes of an emergency operator who has to react immediately to any potential alert.

To play, download the APK file and choose one of the six maps of real-world cities, including London, New York, and Berlin. You will then see the different teams of firefighters, police, and doctors deployed on the map.

Every time you get a phone call or an incident is reported, you have to assess the situation as a whole and decide whether you want to send one or more teams. You have ambulances, helicopters, police, and firefighters at our disposal. But if you send them to attend an accident, they will not be available to assist in another one for a while.

More than 50 voice dialogues inspired by actual phone calls: sometimes serious and dramatic and others funny or irritating.

A fascinating detail of this title is that it includes phone calls based on actual conversations. Some are serious, but others are funny or simply annoying. 911 Operator comprises more than 140 incidents, 12 different emergency vehicles, and several game modes: free game and career, which is subdivided into others: an exciting proposal, no doubt.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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