A-Patch MSN Messenger

1.30 RC2 (build 26)

A-Patch MSN Messenger lets you to customize the graphic aspect and eliminate the advertising from MSN Messenger. Download A-Patch MSN Messenger free

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MSN Messenger is one of the favourite instant messenger clients, even though its surprising how few personalization options it offers and some of the elements that it includes, like advertising for example, which can be a real nuisance.

  Luckily we have A-Patch MSN Messenger, a simple tool that will be able to modify any of the applications graphic aspects, including the publicity adverts.

  A-Patch MSN Messenger doesn't need any type of installation. When we launch it, a series of successive windows will ask us what elements we want to eliminate. Once selected, it saves the configuration, as well as the original one, so that we can alternate between them without any problem. We can actually save as many configurations as we want and load them whenever we want.

  A-Patch MSN Messenger allows to eliminate elements like the MSN logo, the "Messenger" title, the personal image container, the personal message bar and each one of the buttons, like the bothersome MSN Today.

  It can also remove the windows and the advertisment space, leaving our instant messenger client with the indispensable elements so that we can center exclusively in communicating with our contacts.

  Create a custom-made MSN Messenger and forget about the advertising and the messages from Microsoft.
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary have a ZIP compatible compressor. It is only compatible with MSN Messenger 6.2.0205, 6.2.0208, 7.0.0816, 7.0.0820, 7.5.0306, 7.5.0311, 7.5.0316, 7.5.0319, 7.5.0320, 7.5.0322 and 7.5.0324.
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