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ABP Live TV News offers its users the opportunity to follow breaking news and current affairs with articles and videos from the Indian TV news channel

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ABP News is an Indian TV news channel that covers the main current events in the south Asian country as well as all relevant news on what is happening around the world. Its viewers can go to its content in an optimized way by using its official app for Android: ABP Live TV News.

All the news in different languages

In order to reach out across the whole of India, the app features content in the major languages from around the country, as well as in English. We will also be able to access its live news channel. In addition, users can browse different categories in order to find detailed information on specific topics such as business, science, technology, politics, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle.

These are its main functions:

  • Live TV.
  • Allows users to comment on content.
  • Audio mode for listening to the news.
  • Configurable push alerts to get news on those topics that most interest you.
  • Archive of news presented in video reports.
Requirements and additional information:
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