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Abracadabra can make files and folders disappear on your Mac so as to gain privacy. Download Abracadabra free and easily hide all your private information

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There comes a time when you may want to make your personal and private files disappear from your computer so that nobody can access your intimate secrets. With Abracadabra this is possible.

Hide the files on your Mac with Abracadabra.

Abracadabra is a lightweight application in the form of a widget that allows you to make the files or folders of your choice on your Mac disappear as if by magic.

The perfect application to protect your files

To avoid other users from accessing certain files or folders, select the element that you want to hide with the mouse at the same time that you press the F12 function key (or the one that is predetermined in the “System Preferences”) to open the Dashboard.

Now all you have to do is drag that element to the hat to make it disappear and type in a password. But be careful when it comes to choosing the password. Remember and write it correctly, because the program doesn't ask for verification. It's possible that you'll be stuck when it comes to recovering the file if you make a mistake or forget it. To recover it you will have to use the "magic word" , this means, the password used to hide it.

Download Abracadabra, a widget that shouldn't be missing on your Mac's Dashboard, thus guaranteeing your privacy from prying eyes.

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