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Discover how to unregister from hundreds of web applications with AccountKiller. This webapp gathers all the information you need, use AccountKiller

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Removing your user account from any service or platform can become a nightmare. AccountKiller is a webapp that gathers information on how to unregister from more than 500 pages.

With AccountKiller you only have to search for the service in question to see links and guidelines on how to remove your profile. You can delete the personal details you gave when signing up and close your account.

Please don't go, don't go, I'm begging you to stay

Of course, not everyone makes it so easy... There are platforms which are literally impossible to unregister from. AccountKiller has created a catalog to classify these sites into 3 different groups:

  • Whitelist: pages where you can remove your profile easily.
  • Greylist: services that make it more or less difficult for you.
  • Blacklist: abusive platforms and services on which it is impossible for you to delete your data.
Do you wanto close your email account or stop taking part on that social network? Search for your platform in AccountKiller, pray that it isn't on the blacklist and follow the instructions and direct links to the page to remove your account.

Piethelm Vaantjes & Jens Bruinlier
Over a year ago
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