AceFTP Storage

3.72.0 AceFTP Storage is an FTP client that offers a file storage services on the cloud with 1GB of free space. Download AceFTP Storage to your computer for free
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The FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol) is probably one of the oldest, but also one of the most reliable. Thanks to this system we can easily move files over the Internet, exactly the same way we would do with the Windows explorer.

  If you are looking for a free FTP client, that to make it even better offers 1GB of free online storage, you should have a look at AceFTP Storage. This application has a simple but at the same time attractive interface, from where we can establish multiple simultaneous connections, move several files at the same time, monitor any action and resume any failed file transfer.

  Thanks to the free storage service, you will be able to save your most important documents and files so that you can later access them via AceFTP, so that you are sure that even if your computer is infected by a virus, you will have a place "on the cloud" from where to recover these files.

  Download AceFTP Storage now and enjoy a service to store anything you want completely free of charge.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Visicom Media Inc.
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