ACMarket tips and tricks: the best tips for this app store

ACMarket is one of the most popular alternative application stores. We can download popular applications, such as Gmail or Spotify. However, it is especially focused on modified games to bypass limitations or get features that otherwise would be premium. In order to make it easier to use, it integrates a download manager that not only lets us download an application, but also update it.

Before using ACMarket, it is important to know the application and its features. It is a complete store, with a huge database and a large number of options. Although the application itself is safe and does not carry any risk for our device, it offers content that has been altered by third parties. So it is very important to take some precautions.

Throughout these guides, you will learn how you can install or uninstall ACMarket and how to keep it always up to date. We will also show you all its features and what the different sections it contains are for. Moreover, we will cover the security issue and show you some tricks, such as deleting the search history or solving connection problems.

You can download the ACMarket APK from this page. Unlike other application stores, such as Google Play or the App Store, you can use it without registering as a user. However, some features will not be available if you do not sign up.

How to delete your ACMarket search history

ACMarket has an extensive database of applications available for download. It would be impossible to find what we are looking for if the application did not have a search engine. And this application store provides an outstanding one. It also keeps a record of all queries made. The purpose of this browsing history is to remind us which searches we have made so we can easily go back to them. The data from our searches is not stored in the cloud and is easy to delete.


Is ACMarket safe?

Yes, ACMarket is a completely safe application. By installing it, our device will not be infected with any virus or malicious code. There are several reasons to be convinced that this is so. One of them is that, during all its years of existence, there have been no warnings about bad practices or serious vulnerabilities denounced by the users' community.


How to use ACMarket and how it works

ACMarket is a huge application market. Many of those apps have been modified to get certain paid features or benefits for free. Also, we find other types of content, such as books. On the other hand, the application itself integrates some useful functions. For example, we have a virus scanner or a storage optimizer.


How to update ACMarket

Keeping our applications up to date is very important if we want to keep our device healthy and prevent it from becoming vulnerable to external attacks. ACMarket is not on Google Play, so we will not enjoy automatic updates. However, there are two very simple ways to keep it in the latest version.


How to install and uninstall ACMarket

Although ACMarket is an application store, the installation process is the same as any other application with one exception: we cannot download and install it from Google Play. This is mainly because ACMarket is a direct competitor for the services offered by Google through its official application store. That is why we explain below how to safely do it from Malavida.


How to fix the ACMarket connection error

Like any other application store, ACMarket needs to be connected to the Internet for downloads. If you are not connected, you will not be able to navigate through its different sections or consult information on applications, games, or other content. Connection problems can occur for several reasons. Below, we look at different reasons why you may be having difficulties using ACMarket.


What is ACMarket and what is it for

ACMarket is an alternative app store that lets us download apps, games, and other resources for free. Its working is very similar to other stores, such as Google Play. It has a huge database where we can find both official versions and modified versions of the most popular applications and games.


Translated by Manuel Sánchez